Event Coverage: Candy On Chrome


Prior the the KJohn Wickedest Slam show I stopped by the True Playaz Candy and Chrome show a few minitues from my house.

Last year I showed up way to early which meant a really long day so this year I showed up around 2:30 right in the middle of the action so to speak.

On arrival it was instantly apparent that the show was much bigger than last year with a lot of familar faces making it out along with plenty of new cars.


I can’t remember a single euro out last year, this year there were a few.

Didn’t expect to run into Dan at the show
This was pretty nice, sitting on what look to be VMRs
Some bang in the decklid


Recently I came to the realization that making it through my entire life without ever owning a motorcycle is an impossibility.

I used to really only be into crotch rockets and dirtbikes but bikes like this are really starting to grow on me
This looked… very difficult to ride
Terrible shot but shows the angle of the bars


Great to see more trucks out this year, and I found out about a cruise in August 11th that I may be able to make it out to which is awesome because most of the truck events I have had to miss this year for one reason or another.

Willing to bet that Dan already has his tickets for the next Superman
Jeff is slowly but surely bringing his Blazer back up to snuff, the paint scheme he has planned with the raw (then cleared) metal should look awesome
One of my favourite first gens
Geoff (Blue Mazda) may or may not have left a trail of sparks in front of a cop car later that weekend…
This Ranger has apparently been around a few years, how I manged to forget a convertible Ranger… I’m not sure
Look from the side
Not quite finished yet
Amazing bed

Dogpatch Devils

I would love to see more of the cars from this group. Each one was worthy of more photos than I took.

It’s a toss up between building a truck like this one day or something like an Chevelle or Nova
Can’t imagine how much fun it must be to cruise in these
Perfect right down to the cheater slicks
Put this one on the fanpage a few days ago
Everything about this just flows so well, inclding the cream firewall colour


Can’t say I see a lot of 71(?) Riviera’s period let alone at a lowrider show
This Impala reminds me a lot of Dale’s
This Monte was kinda of interesting
Underhood was what I was expecting
but I did expect all this in the trunk
Clean subtle Nova on Rallyes
The amount of detail in that grill, not done like that anymore
Straight as an arrow

Traditional Lowriders

Since I took photos of a lot of these cars at the Luxurious/Majestics BBQ I didn’t go crazy trying to get all of them again.

I was also holding out to get a lot of hopping shots but only three cars competed which was a little disappointing compared last years event and the Majestics/Luxurious event a few weeks ago.

Hopping is hard as hell the cars though so I get not everyone is really into doing it all the time.

The lineup
From the opposite end
Caprice wagon from last year which judging by the tire wear it still spends a lot of it’s time up on 3
Naeem’s car once again on three
Joe and a Crazy orange Regal
Joe’s 25th anniversary wheels
Engine bay of the orange car, the flaking and pinstriping continued all the way around the car
This car barley ran but had no issues hopping
Jeff is of course never scared to hop his car
Nor Naeem
Reppin NY
Love this hardtop
End with this, my favorite shot of the day


  1. so y is the monte carlo rocking so much visonik crap to cheap for sony or even dual would be a better option hahaha

  2. I just found these pics today! Some amazin shots Dave! And yes, my truck is already slated to be parked outside a Cineplex in June for the release of the new Superman movie LOL!!

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