Event Coverage: 2012 Majestics / Luxurious BBQ


A couple weeks ago Rob from Perfromance Improvments let me know that I should check out the Majestics/Luxurious lowrider BBQ  at St Marie Curtis Park West.

Generally the word “Lowrider” is more than enough to get me to come to an event but when you throw in the word ‘barbecue’ along with it I am there in a second.

These events are always a pretty good way to spend an afternoon because they atmosphere is incredibly laid back compared to a lot of other events, and the empahisis always seems to be less on the cars and more on a ‘family’ reunion of sorts, infact if I were to ever to an event for the site I would want it to have a similar vibe to one of these than anything else.

I ended up spending the better part of the day at the Majestics/Luxurious BBQ watching cars from Montreal all the way to Ohio roll in and hop out.

I put a similar shot to this on the fanpage from the event
Quintessential Lowrider shot
Trunk setup
One of, if not the only, Impala not on wires
Trunk of the above
This looks nearly identical to a model kit released a few years ago
The kit allows you to set it up like this too
Would have loved to see this with the top down
Not sure what’s to hate
The paint on this was wild, lots of depth, flake, and skulls
Personally I can’t say I have come across many El Camino Lowriders
While I didn’t see it hop it looked more than capable
Shot of the same car from way across the parking lot while I was hiding in the shade
In my day…
Impalas on Impalas on Impalas
Same group different angle
Looking from the other end
As soon as I pulled up this ‘66(?) 68 caught my eye, hard to miss with the yellow on yellow
This Gold Impala had an insane amount of work done to it on the inside
I am going to assume one of the monitors in there displays the engine vitals.. but who knows
I thought this was sorta priceless, he looked confused
This ’60 came off a trailer and was basically spotless
This colour is hard to accuratley capture
A bit of a closer look at the motor
See the saftey star on the right there? If it is original it is worth a pretty penny.
I’m told lowriders are aligned like this so that when they hop ball joints to blow up
Very nice Monte
Up on 3 back to where it was parked
I’ve always kind of liked these done up like this… fits
Pair of Buicks
Both could hold their own hopping
The mural work on this one was unreal
Perhaps a little cryptic but nice art none the less
He wasn’t scared to hop it either
This guy showed up later today and immediately started the show
This one was trailered all the way from Ohio and looked to be a sure bet for the single pump class
Bumped and bruised like a well used drift car
Thing’s were looking pretty good
And then…
From what I overheard the control arm snapped, tie rod gave up the ghost, and the ball joint went.
He was taking the control arm back to Jeff’s shop to weld so they could put it back on the trailer
One of two crazy Lincoln’s both part of Majestics
Hit’s 3s with ease
Notice the bumper, the picture below explains how it got like that
Up there
Jeff of Switches N Thangs and his crazy Lincoln
Hard to get a decent shot of Jeff”s car hopping as once it started a crowd gathered
This is why it’s crazy.

Big shout out to Jeff from Swtiches N Thangs and the rest of the guys from Majestics and Luxurious for bringing it all together for everyone to see.

If there’s ever a lowrider event in your town I recommend checking it out at least once and the next one in the area is Saturday July 28th at 2520 Dixie Road in Mississauga put on by True Playaz.


  1. Interesting to see that lowriding is active and popular outside of its typical geographical area (SoCal).

    And, “one of these cars is not like the others…” How did the donk fit in? Was he shunned?

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