Theme Tuesday: Muscle Part II


I mentioned in my last Performance Improvements article that as a wee lad the first time I noticed stance of any sort was on a muscle car.

The exaggerated forward rake that was in at the time made it stand out amongst all the factory cars I was used to seeing and it was the first time I realized I didn’t much care for stock height.

So with that in mind here are some of the muscle cars that have been taking of residence on my hard drive.

When it comes to over exageration Japan does it perhaps the best
Watch this car to 7.82 here
I’ve always sort of thought the front end on these was a little long… not sure if the rake helps or makes it worse
The first Javelin I’ve posted?
Keeping the Trans Am feel going a bit
I feel like I have posted this before…
What would this post be without a car with a blower
MOAR blower
One day I will be able to get an interesting panning shot like this… one day
Something like this is very close to inline with my ‘forever’ car
Though I could see being swayed to more of a pro touring look
Not 100% sold on those particular wheels but the stance is right
Fun for the whole family
HRE wheels will probably forever be out of my price range but there is no denying that they are worth the price
This car looks sublte yet sinister at the same time and does 10 second quarters at 128
Business attire
Pretty well perfect
I still need to see this in person
Well see there’s your problem (The H.A.M.B. tells me this is Ron Mancini’s transmission all over the floor)
Absoluetly badass
This. guy. wins.

Head nod to Ollie cause I think he sent a few of these.

For those wondering the first ‘low’ vehicle I seem to be able to remember was an s10 Blazer.


  1. This post has stance, now with 100% more rubber!

    Turbo Regal brings back some good memories for me presonally.

  2. the stance on the second car is my kind of muscle car stance, just perfect.

    and i thought that silver stang was a hakosuka for a split second there.

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