Event Coverage: 2012 CSCS Round 3 Part 1


Leading up to the second ever Canadian Sport Compact Series stop at Mosport Raceway the CSCS staff  announced that both time attack and open lapping were full, and at the same time they let everyone know that there was a $500 prize for the largest show and shine team.

Combined these two factors lead to a very busy day at Mosport last Sunday, even after the rain tried to cool things down for everyone in attendance.

Of any all of the CSCS rounds Mosport seems to draw the most diverse lapping field and a very competitive time attack field due to peoples love for the challenging DDT (Drivers Development Track) course.

People also always seem to step things up a little more on this track (to the point of rolling over even) and the competition only got more interesting when the weather conditions began to change and rain began to fall.

The rain did eventually stop and the track dried for good but not before many drivers were forced to compete with conditions that varied lap after lap.

Tony of Focal Point Concepts had to contend with some pretty wet weather during his runs
This was one of the first RWD cars I saw out after the rain
He managed to keep it on the track despite the traction issues
Nextmod/APH RSX
Stage Four Civc I’ve actually never seen before
This one I am a little more used to seeing
Civic from the lapping earlier in the day before the rain started
This mini was Fast
I’m not sure how but Jay from Stance Factory managed to get the keys of a GT3rs for the day and drive it to second place
Not sure if this was also a Stance Factory car, but I see BMW on LM’s and just assume
Richard Nadeau driven Touge Tuning sponsored car got second in unlimited AWD
Dov Aronoff in the NV Auto 450HP Impreza got first
K playground Type R
Pretty quick out there
Kimi Quinn was out to try and break a track record again this time in one of his Ferraris
Didn’t happen but he did get first in unlimited RWD
Mark Botelho rips in this car
He ended up getting 1st place in unlimited FWD
Just a fun car to watch and shoot

The CSCS drift course at Mosport is basically completely downhill and incredibly challenging for drivers to get through without spinning out, and of the entire field only 11 cars managed to make it to top 16 without any sort of spin out or off track excursion.

Before the rain started the top 11 was whittled down to 8 and once things dried those 8 were run in rapid fire (which I actually preferred) until the final tandem consisted of  two of the most consistent drivers in the series, Riley Sexsmith and Dylan Sharpe.

Though I was pulling for Riley (what can I say I love drifting trucks) Dylan edged him out for his first podium and first place finish.

Figuring out where to shoot on the track was a little difficult but a few angles worked pretty well
I liked this angle too for panning but it wasn’t the best location to show angle.. plus it was kind of a bad spot if they ran off
Thanks to Chris for not running me over even after I had a chuckle at his expense when he spun off
Another shot of Brad
Like I said not best spot for showing off the drivers angle
I beleive this was Jesse’s first time out at CSCS in his new car
Can’t remember where he placed overall…
Miguel Pereira in the lower part of the track
“The little truck that could”
Love watching Riley drive
Riley chasing
Dylan on his way to first place
Congrats Dylan

Check back tomorrow for show and shine footage.

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