We can rebuild we have the technology


Today we have another local maxbimmer produced build but this one is pretty crazy because to most rational people this car was not worth saving. To the owner this car held a lot of sentimental value so when his car meet the wall at Mosport the question wasn’t whether or not it would make it back to the track the question was rather how mean will it be when it got there.

I’ll admit when I first read the owner was going to rebuild this car I had my doubts but the pictures and craftsmanship so far pretty much speak for themselves. This car is going to be a serious track machine when it is finished.

E30 pre wall introduction
Further proof that concrete walls do not give
After such a strong impact most people would give up on this chassis, with good reason
While the costs of the repair have been kept a secret it was apparently quite reasonable for the work done
New cage installed, this should keep the car together more should it hit another wall
New true coil-over suspesion installed
Brake set up has been significantly upgraded
Fuel cell installed in the spare tire well
Patient car waiting for someone to do the body work
Freshly painted and looking mean
Stance that I think everyone can appreciate

As always I will be keeping an eye on this build but if you want to read a little bit more about it check out the thread on maxbimmer.com


    • The owner of this e30 is a big boy and comparing AST to Raceland is a bit of a stretch..

      Stance FTW, you forget I appreciate functional stance as much as aesthetic stance 😉

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