Random Dopeness: Volume 2


I’ve decided to create a new category called ‘Random Dopeness‘ for days that I don’t have much to say but a few things to post. I figure it’s also a good way to prevent myself from re posting content since I have over 200 posts and a bad memory. Here is Random Dopeness two of many.

Might have put this one up on twitter before
Apparently this Golf has Porsche running gear any more info would be great
On the gas, never lift
Note the fitment and note what this car is doing. Not just for looks. *insert drift hate arguments in comments*
Not sure where I spotted this but it's pretty cool to see a car like this at a gas station
51 Merc murdered out amazing
Still think bags are for groceries?
Fantastic looking race setup speed 3


  1. That splitting VW Golf was built by a company called Sbarro, I remember reading about it years ago. It is definately Porsche powered but I can’t recall which Porsche motor was used.

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