WTF Friday: Automotive Epic Fails


Here in Ontario our cars have to pass both emissions and safety checks to be registered to drive on public roads, of course there are ways around this if you know the right people and some would argue that the some of the people doing safety checks can’t tell their heads from their ass but I would hope that even the most inept of inspectors would notice something was up with these vehicles. A lot of WTF were you thinking going on here.

All of today’s DIY Disasters come from s10forums ‘Most Hacked Shit Ever seen 2009‘ thread, which is one of the funniest/scariest/omgwtfbbq threads I have ever read on the internet.

I’m all for doing it yourself but please use your full ass instead of half!

The bed on this truck isn't attached but that's no excuse for the excessive bondo
I hate corvette roll pans... not shaving the tails just makes it worse
The owner just painted over the factory tails
This truck probably had this coming for awhile wonder who the blame fell on
Creative but I would not like to get in an accident with this, paper mache is weak
Oh no please no hacks here!
These welds look suspect...
Normally I would never wish to see someones car this way
But with suspension work like this this car was not road worthy
Free stickers to whoever can tell me what's going on here

Site Updates

Not a heck of a lot happened last week page wise/design wise but some stuff is coming I assure you I just keep spending a lot of the weekend at a new skatepark around here and then all day Sunday recovering. However n/a on the run welcome to the blog roll!

Content wise I have two features lined up for this week, Monday’s being a particularly large feature that I am very excited about so be on the look out for that.

If you are still looking for a few more ways to kill off this Friday you can take a gander at these videos, my gift to you:


  1. Thanks Dave! I got the stickers on the mail on Monday. I’m going to wait until spring time to put it on. I’ll shoot you an email once its on.

    Last pic I think is some exhaust fumes purifier.

    Again Thanks for adding me to the Blog Roll. I’m honored.


  2. Matt and N/A are close but it’s a much more explosive method of propulsion going on with that olds.

    Not quite as explosive as converting children.

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