Theme Tuesdays: Vette Wheels


Today’s Theme Tuesday is a direct result of a suggestion from the fanpage, if you ever have something you want to see don’t be scared to throw out an idea.

I usually get started  right away so I don’t forget.

The use of Vette wheels seems to have slowed down some from late 2009 and 2010 but they still mange to show up in some of the darnedest places.

I actually wouldn’t be too surprised if someone told me that saw blades and salad shooters were more popular outside of the Corvette community than within.

I feel quite terrible for helping my friend sell his Sabbaru seeing ones like this
These wheels fit Mk3 Golfs really damn well
Dan between h20i and here
This is straight from the fan page, didn't know e30 guys were bolting up Vette wheels too
Not just for cosmetic purpose either it would appear
Quite honestly never expected to see them on a Saturn... I think this is boosted too
Super awesome build I was following for awhile, should catch up on it... Elevens Paint & Fiber project
Corolla on C5s? Looks good.
Really like the rake on this wagon
Been awhile since I've seen what Adrian has been up too
Awesome photo
This infuriates my friend Josh
On the fence about this one to be honest
One of two relatively stock body bagged 3s
First Mk6 I have seen on blades
This car was soon junked after the convertible 'conversion' was done
I'll be honest when Sean switched to these wheels I was pretty bummed, but he kept it clean as always
Switching things up with an e36 on c5 kicks
Look right at home on this 454ss
Leaving Rally wheels out of this would have been wrong
Simply Stunning

I’ve still got a few more kicking around so I’ll try and spread them out among other posts over the winter.


  1. The specs of the mk4 on C4 blades are 17×8.5 fronts and 17×9.5 rears,
    Not sure what adapters he’s running though.

    Gorgeous cars, cant wait for mine.

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