Ride Low, Park Lower


I like air ride, I always have and I always will.

With a lot of my favorite cars and trucks riding on air I don’t really buy into the idea that static is anymore hardcore than air.

Take Jeff for example, I heard him scraping his way down the road to Oktoberfest before I saw him and on the way out he didn’t raise his car up past stock height as many would assume, he kept it hammered and left the same way he arrived.

Shortly after I posted the coverage from that event Jeff mentioned he didn’t have any high res photos of his car at ride height so I took a second pass at the photo photos I posted from that event along with one I didn’t and another from the United We Stance Coverage.

View 1500px version in new window

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Ride low, park lower.


  1. Air is nice for looks, crap roads and quick adjustability, but if you’re more into performance (canyons, track) coilovers in my opinion may be better. Unless you have a very specific air system for aggressive driving. One that has a fail safe for a catastrophic failure, air loss or puncture. I would hate to be on a canyon run and drive off a cliff due to pressure loss. But when I think about it, same thing could happen with coilovers and a broken ball joint or tie rod. I guess it’s one of those Choose your poison deals. What do you think Dave? Sorry for the rant!

    • There was awhile when I was researching functional air systems (more to see if there were any out) and there are a couple. I seem to recall a track prepped Subaru on air, along with quite a number of muscle car platforms where there was simply no better option.

      I think if engineered correctly you could track an air ride setup and be ok but for the amount of r&d and additional cost it probably would not be cost effective.

  2. Thanks for posting these up Dave! Much appreciated 🙂 Pics look awesome and this is a great example for peeps looking to ride low that might have a local obstacle (driveway or large speedbumps) that are un-avoidable around their house. Thats just 1 of the reasons why I decided to go with air because my driveway is absolutely inaccessible with a lowered car. Air gave me the opportunity to get into my driveway and drive hammered all the time which is what I wanted to achieve. 😀

  3. Overall with the added dakota digital monitoring system plus having a friend wire everything up it was right around $3000 give or take a few hundred! Well worth it and I’ve loved it from the minute it was put on 🙂

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