Event Coverage: Oktoberfest 2011


With winter just around the corner ChopShop decided to send the 2011 season off properly with a charity BBQ (proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society and the Food bank) called Oktoberfest.

The somewhat unseasonably nice weather lead to a great turn out and because this wasn’t a show the atmosphere was super laid back which made it a great way to kill a couple of hours on a fall day.

I spent way more time shooting the breeze with the ChopShop guys at this event than taking photos so forgive me if I missed a car or two, but once mid/old school bmx conversations get rolling they are hard to stop.

Lineup on the left had side of the lot
I parked with the Scraped Crusaders for the day
Two-tone Jetta on Audi fat fives, good look
Hitting a deer is high up there on the list of things I want to never happen
This cars at nearly all of the events I attend, trooper
My friend Dave's Audi on his recently picked up S4 wheels
Whenever I convince myself I don't like a certain color car one comes along that changes all that
Great fitment, great height and overall choice of modifications
JDMR in the house
Mooner's Civic stopped a lot of people in their tracks
Easy to see why
I like this s10 quite a bit...
This speed bump was getting hammered all day
Would not change a single thing
All the talking made me more or less miss this 930, but I think I have some photos of this Jetta coming from another event
JP's car out after a recent motor swap
Shout out to Josh as he was one of the many people putting in work behind the scenes on this event
The Volkswagen communities secret stash of Work Wheels continues to grow
I see this car commuting every now and again very nice
Calvin rocking his Ocean Blitz decal proudly
Nice Cabriolet
This guy cruised by, perhaps on his way to the Canadian Tire up the road that often has meets
Jeff's car which was recently featured on Stance Nation
Totally deserved the feature it got as it is a great build
Jeff is a firm believer of ride low park lower because his ride height and drive height are very close
Bags are awesome.
Perhaps my favorite car of the day
Check the fan page for a link to the build on this, tons of work put in

If you didn’t come out this year be sure to mark the end of October 2012 now so you don’t miss next years.

So long 2011 season, my summers come off tomorrow.

(Event coverage from last weeks Squeaky Clean show will be later this week)


  1. i have a 2001 Jetta 1.8T Wolfsburg Edition and i want to know what i need to do to the suspension and what size wheels and tires to make it sit flush and low. anyone got any advice?

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