Event Coverage: Performance World 2011: Pt. 1


After reading other sites with weather envy all winter it felt pretty good to head out to a local event and get some photos this weekend. A lot of people have said that PW wasn’t as good this year in regards to turn out but I think for a show at the end of winter the turnout was pretty good. It takes a lot of dedication to get your car all cleaned up for three days and then drive it back out in the muck right after.

This year I’ve decided to switch things up a bit by posting the more modern Imports, Euros, and American cars first leaving the rat rods, traditional rods, and muscle cars to later.


To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure what days coverage to post this Corvette in but because it’s not a classic, and doesn’t really fit in with the ‘Tuners’ and Euros but I’m sure none of you really mind that it’s in today’s mix.

Seems like a well know build too, somehow I had no idea.

ETC Enterprises did a crazy job on this car
Sits on 20x10 21x13 iForgeed Legacy V2
LSX 376 crate motor puts down the power

Toyota’s and Mazdas

There wasn’t really much from these brands at the show but here is a couple

This Chaser was practically hiding in the Direct Auto Imports booth
Last time I saw this car someone was sleeping in it
Honda/snail propelled
Veilside Widebody RX-7 on 20s all around
Custom audio by Natural Sound, really crazy looking setup in person
That rotary puts down 464 HP/379 tq


Out of nowhere this year there was a bunch of Mini’s at the show,  I’m not complaining as some people (Ollie)* have got me hooked on these little buggers.

These cars just look like so much fun to drive
The Baur e30 of Mini's?
I wonder how hard it is to find tires for Mini's...
The Magic School Bus
K-swapped Mini!
The roof was CF (or CF over layed) which was a nice touch
and it was AWD (CRV rear end)

Honda’s and Acuras

Not always a huge fan of this generation Civic but this one was very nice
Clean K swapped EK
This cars been all over the net and back and still grabs my attention
I'm always glad to see this car has stayed the same, the owner got it right first time
Great looking rear diffuser
This S2K is another car I am glad stayed very close to what it looked like last year
Do not think I have seen this NSX before
The Importexpo livery covered NSX
Buddy Club wide body RSX I last saw at Rish's BBQ
Another Import Expo decal-ed Acura
Every time I see this EL I take a picture


This reminds me I should try and make it to Vagkraft again this year.

Shudder to think of the retail on these wheels
Hell ya this
Tuckin' Porsche wheels hard
M-Tricks wide body 2002
Have to give it to these guys, the car went through one hell of a transformation
4 door on Sportmaxx's I might know the previous owner of this car, not 100% sure
The Modified Society e36
That wide body e46 from High End was back and as rumored had a cage and forced induction

Sic Ryde

Had to cruise by the SIC RYDE display and see what was up for the beginning of 2011. He had his usual cars out as well as a few I had not seen since before going under the knife. Of course Sic’s personal Lexus had new wheels.

Overview of the SIC RYDE display
I saw an older gentleman stop his son in his tracks and tell him about when he had one of these cars
Sic's got his late model Benz game right too
Classy CLS 500
Accord on 20s
The wide body turbo vr6 Corrado
Unique filler setup
Sic's other Corrado which he bought brand new
Spotless Type R
Repsol Honda CBR that looked like it had an extended swing arm
Porsche drop
Sic's LS400 is on 22s this season, 22x10.5 out back...
Another shot of the LS just because I don't know how he got those to fit

Division R

Division R means business in 2011 they came this year with a lot more cars then I knew they had and the cars I did know they had all had new modifications.

Division R Fairlady, love the white letters
Wonder if the look is just a look or if he tracks it
Perdo Kicked his SSW's to the curb for some LM's, good choice
Followed this build on Maxbimmer, pretty crazy the work that went into it
Red CF hood, very nice touch
The setup is 19x10/ 19x12 and the quarters are all metal off a different e46
Been awhile since I had seen Randy (empowered) his e46 has gone through a bunch of changes
Hadn't seen Andrew in awhile either so we shot the breeze for a bit
Sam got a set of VS-XX wheels for this season, they look great
I'll see this car a few times this year I'm sure

I’ve got a lot more to come from this show over the next few days so if your wondering where the Muscle, Rods, and Minitrucks are don’t worry they are coming down the pipe.


  1. Dave, awesome pics, can’t wait to see the rest of them.

    I have to give a big thanks to you and Sic for running that contest and hooking me up with free tix!

    It was nice meeting Sic, had a chance to chat with him a bit, great guy.

    I have to agree with you on the Beetle, the EL and the red Civic.

    One of my absolute favourites is the RX-7. Just a beautiful car, and very well done.

  2. Sweet pics man. Thanks for the shots of the my Gray Fairlady Z.
    FYI: To answer your question, I do track it.
    Thanks again bro.

  3. i love that 2002 that things sweet
    ok mini rubber is easy to get hold of toyo even make Rseres in the right size’s as do yokohama
    and the cf roofs skins im guessing is real as it has a full comosit front end(look at the shape of the bonnet and its way to thin) and its been de seamed

    • Ollie, I figured they couldn’t be too hard to come by but I don’t think I have ever seen one at a tire shop before heh.

      I’ll try and do everyone’s high res requests by latest Sunday.

  4. lol on the rolla with the s2 thats my boys ………. >>> thurrs always someone sleepin in that car lol hahah .. its so funny how u said that bro hahaah …….. same guy owns the gunnmetal nsex … he also hass the green ek race car that wuzz beside the rolla .. ( WITCH I DONT SEE ANY PIX OF).. its hard getting all those cars ready for the show .. thats why u might of not seen the nsex before

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