Theme Tuesdays: Rat Rods of PW 2011


Since I’m  sitting on a bunch of photos from Performance World (about 50 left not including today) I figured using them instead of internet finds for today’s Theme Tuesday wouldn’t be a bad idea because it’s rare I have original content for Tuesdays.

These are most of the rats from Performance World, some are perhaps not exactly rats but were in and amongst the rat rods so I included them anyway.

I’m open to doing another Rat Theme Tuesday down the line so if some of you have some cars/links to share…

Bad Vibe

Originally a dilapidated barn find Bad Vibe is a 1930, 383 stroker powered, Ford Tudor sedan built owned by Kevin Sheenan.

The camshaft between the frame rails was a unique touch
The square tube headers were also pretty different

Oddball Kustoms

Oddball Kustoms was the featured builder of this years show and had a bunch of very different rides. These cars are fairly love hate, but either way you should be able to appreciate the work behind them.

This is the Hemi-Roid mark III, a crazy combination of different styles
Gull wings on a rat had never occurred to me before, ever
Now known as 'The Bootch' this car started as a 4 door Essex
It's been chopped, extended, and obviously dropped
This roadster was more of a traditional build than the rest of Oddball cars

Bottom Feeders Car Club

My friend Keith hangs with these guys apparently so I might see if I can tag along with him at an event to check out the rest of the club.

Looks like this truck brought everything including the kitchen sink
Lyndsey actually spotted this shifter before me
One of several pick ups from Bottom Feeders
Looks loud and mean
Another Bottom Feeders truck
Somehow moving from the back to the front I forgot how to focus
Big fan of this one, could see rolling in one of these if one day I am so fortunate
Sickest signboard of the snow, hands down
This one started as a 1947 Dodge
The Copper painted details on this was a nice touch, as is the spider web grill
They brought a couple of bikes with them too with just as much style as the rods

While I’m on the Theme Tuesday topic big props to Aidan and Ollie for sending in content and suggestions. Should be some cool ones soon.


  1. is that a link v12 in the second botom feeder??? (yummy) im more of a retro/vintage style guy but theres some sick details in these rockin old rigs

  2. I love rat rods, but folks, please leave your modern billet wheels at home. Except the Bootch, at least it tried to remain vaguely retro.

  3. rat rods rule hop in spark it up and let it loose
    what good is a high priced restoration car that you are too afraid to drive cause it might get a little dirt on it or a stone chip…useless
    Stony at Oddball Kustoms is doing my 52 mack and i am hoping it will be at PW 2012

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