I had every intention of finishing off the rest of the Performance World coverage today and then work just kicked the living crap out of me and is continuing to do so.

Good thing I had this gem tucked away.

I first saw this eg on eyegasmic cars and immediately popped the watermark into google to find more photos. After a bit of clicking I found the source (flickr.com/oncam) and more photos of the car.

Pretty sure this guy rolls with the Circle Jerk Crew so shout outs to them.

This car is sick.

Low, black, K-1s, white letter Proxes. Awesome combo
The rusted hatch was an unexpected surprise
On a car like this a little damage just makes it tougher

Photo credits:

Alright.. back to the grind…


  1. Ollie, an Alpine as your pic? Nice choice. To the EG, it has a RWB feel to it, but without the massive stretched arches…but I don’t know how I feel about the rack…

  2. not just an alpine its jeans ragnottis A110 1600s my dads old rally car had the same gordini 1600 unit its in my top to 10 :)i get the rbw vibe to lol

  3. no the r8 Gordini is only 850cc the 1600 is from the renult 12 Gordini (and the fuego “best interior ever”) the 12 is fk ugly and ff but thay are lightish rapid and with the help of a scandy flick (and 125 at the wheels) drift like a mother fker

  4. I don’t really see what’s so sick about this hatch. stance is nice, but that’s about it. (coming from a honda guy)

  5. its a v dub styled hatch… not many honda guys will like this, aka rusted hatch, tapped front bumper, roof rack, rear driverside window all stickered up and the propped up thing, mostly a volkswagen thing… not always though… bery nicely done eg

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