Event Coverage: Performance World 2011: Pt. 2


Here is the rest of the Performance World coverage I was hoping to have up yesterday before the day spiraled wildly out of control. There are enough pictures in this post to warrant two but I decided to just get them all up at once instead of having you guys wait even longer.

The mini trucks and classics make up most of today’s post with a few random images dropped in. If you thought Performance World this year was lacking that just means you didn’t spend enough time in the vast section of classics.

For those who didn’t attend this is only some of the cars that were at the show.

Random stuff

I've seen things similar to this online but this was a first in person
This was bizarre, the bottom half was a cut out but the top half an animated talking screen


I’m not sure if you guys remember but I met James at a Canadian Tire Street Classics event last summer and since then I’ve seen him showing at a few different events. Each time I see him we chat a fair bit and I learn a little bit more about whats gone into this truck over the years that he’s owned it.

He’s got a lot of hard work in this truck and this year Performance World took notice and gave him a spot in the center hall. Congrats James.

If you were wondering why the truck is called Day 2 Nite you just have to look under the hood
Lots of time went into this display but it looks like it was worth it in the end
Little bit closer on the airbrushing in the bay
If you look close you can also see the airbrushed speakers
The stands were all custom made, like those wheels which are 1 of 1

Common Ground

Common Ground is a local truck club here in Ontario that always comes out to shows in pretty large numbers. This year they had a row in the second hall that was packed so full of trucks and people it made taking photos a little tricky.

Second gen laying bumper
I think I've seen this truck before, but I wasn't sure because...
... I think I would have remembered this suspension setup
I liked this truck a lot, looked good and had a bunch of performance mods
This dualie was getting some pin striping done to the gate that is why the rear wasn't all the way down

Trucks throughout the rest of the show

Very little of this truck was left untouched
5.7L in between the fender tubs
This beautiful interior really updated the interior of this truck
This S-10 had a walk through, something I have not seen that in years
It also packed some heat under hood, a GM 6 Litre
I saw this 77 Scottsdale the same day I met James and oddly enough he was parked close by in the main hall
Crazy amounts of airbrushing all over this truck
This truck, Wedding Crasher, had my gf wondering if the owners significant other got a wedding
Don't see these often, it was pretty wild with the motor right between the seats
This Ford 100 was probably a farm truck at some point in it's life
One lucky shop has this as it's truck
Awesome, awesome, awesome.
Tire to bed rail clearance, not something I ever thought of rubbing
Little bit of a closer shot on the details


The ‘meat and potatoes’ of Performance World, is the wide variety of classic cars that come out, from top dollar shop builds, to home built garage builds it’s all here.

GM powered XK 140 known as 1CrazyKat
It was a favorite of photographers
The LMC Super Cuda in all its glory
I should have taken more than one shot of this Lamborghini Miura, not sure what I was thinking
Taylor'd Customs brought this '60 Meteor with a 900hp FI 557 Ford big block
Tried my best to get a shot of the Pro Charger setup
This Impala was called Leather and Lace and had detail work everywhere
The under carriage was heavily detailed
Would hate to see a pump fail in this immaculate trunk
Top fuel cars are really, really long in person
A replica of Revelles Chi-Town Hustler, it's actually going to run locally this year. The owner owns an original as well
Traditionally styled 32 called the Blueberry kid
Nice 33 Ford Roadster, interior matches the exterior very nicely
1927 Model T built by Kustoms By Watson. Thats a 351 Windstor between the Chevy rails
All Gold metal flake paint, and classic American Racing 5 spokes
Sweet looking Turbo Chevy II
1950 Fleetline
Troy was a featured builder last year, this 1956 Chrysler 300B is a great example of why
The engine bay that all others now must live up to?
This club build Bullits of every generation Mustang in case a sequel is in the works
Ford GT40 needs no introduction
Nor do Shelbys
Gassers might have one of the most iconic stance configurations ever, all function
Some history here I bet, someone share a link on this Packard
Looks like it would be one hell of a handful to drive


RPM – Hot Rods came from Warrendale, PA and lived up to their slogan “Lower, Louder, Faster”. They are another builder whos entire fleet I wouldn’t mind a close look at.

Shop vehicle, family hauler, and hopefully someones daily
I love resto mods, like this 62 Bel Air
Clean, two toned engine bay featuring a Chevy 502
This RPM Camaro is an exceptional looking drag car
I can only imagine what type of times it puts down on the strip
With a turbo that could swollow a small rodent

The Tomahawk

This build, know as the Tomahawk, started as a 62 Pontiac (Catalina?) and has been chopped, channeled, and dumped to the floor.

The paint and body work done by to this car was amazing.

Pinkish white, under lights, is a hard color to capture
Every time I went to this car their was a significant crowd
Would you believe that the driver and passenger seats are from an Acura?
I'd love the opportunity to view this one a little closer

And now that’s that, another Performance World show in the books, I hope you guys enjoyed the pics as much as my hosting company is going to enjoy the bandwidth spike.

Thanks to everyone behind Performance World for getting me motivated for another season.


  1. whats been done to that jags doors should be punishable by death!!!!! im not a fan of the 2 tone paint or overly modern wheels eather so often tuners arnt simpathetic and over do it that cant be sed for the likes of james tuck ,nascar tuck, ally cat and the rpm wagon to say just a fue that look amazing so jelus!!!!!!
    and dave ya should know better its the original gt40 (as in roof 40in of the ground) not a gt thats the new one. fun fact the gt40’s wer all disined and buld in britan not far from were i was born unless its a continuation which are bult now in south africa

  2. Those rims on that first truck are not rare more are they 1of1. They were made by enkei or neeper. I know wheels. I had a set of those back in the 90’s. Nice truck and nice try on trying to claim he has a rare set of wheels.

  3. I might have mis read the sign but I believe it said something along the lines of him waiting 9 weeks for those particular wheels.

    Maybe those are the only ones of that sizing. I’ll confirm next I see him/the truck.

  4. That drag camaro is rocking a giant race spec procharger not a turbo.. those cars run low 7 high 6 sec passes.. insane!

  5. hay Blackout313 just to let u know they are made by Niche and yes they r 1 of 1 That is the size was a 1 off set of 18×7 I had to wait 9 weeks for them to be made for me. I thought u know wheels???

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