Euro Rods


To hold you guys over until I get a chance to start rolling out my CSCS coverage here are some Euro Rods courtesy of ‘go kart tire fitment ,ollie’.

Ollie admits that he is not the biggest fan of traditional America Rods Muscle (because they typically don’t handle well) but he is a big fan of these.

I have not see a whole lot of euro rods before so I enjoyed these, hopefully you do too.

Ollie guesses this is an Austin A 90, I have no clue
Another Ford we didn't get in N/A, the Prefect
Austin 7s share a look similar to 32 Fords just squished
I have learned something new today: this is an a 40 Dorset
A nice race prepped Volvo 544
Older Volvos are so appealing because they are such a departure from what they do now, Amazon FTW


  1. dude thats a miss quote! its muscle cars i dont like thay look good but thats about it i LOVE traditional rods (not a fan of ratrods with some exeption or toon n rig rods tho) its a 60 or a 90 austin wer always weird with naming, it may be news but you guys have austin dorsits and devons(the 4door version) in n,a altho i only know of 2 that are roded and i have a photo of a roted out one in BC

  2. @ollie muscle cars held their own against the mini’s, cortina’s, imp’s and other small cars in the early BTCC, different racing philosophy I guess. Love the Volvo rods btw.

  3. dave mate toataly not pissed off lol.@joe muscle cars wer the fastest cars the US produced! my granny had a mini ,lighter cars ,less fule, faster corners call it racing philosophy if you must but the minis won bro ,glad you love the volvo rods il get some more for ya!

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