Random Dopeness: Volume 5


I’ve had some issues before with scheduled posts and since the week before and after my move might be kind of hectic I thought I should probably get the bugs worked out before hand.

If all goes to plan this edition of Random Dopeness should go up as I am at the Next Mod 1 year anniversary meet. *crosses fingers*

Well it didn’t go to plan and this is one week late, better late than never!

I'm really a fan of these older Caddys done up subtle and clean
I wish I were there
Once a work truck now retired to the easy life
Another slammed full size,
Sometimes I think I have car A.D.D. my taste is all over the place
Best Volvo ever?
Those stacks are huge
Hmm lower truck = the ability to run taller stacks?
Sinister looking 2002 in it's element
Now this.. this is a work of art.


  1. i have a full speck sheet for volvo rod if you want it? lol ,im not realy into late modle mini trucks but every thing els is super sick


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