Theme Tuesdays: Mazda B2200s


Growing up there was a modified B2200 a few streets over that I saw go through a number of revisions. Low, lower, beat up, fender less, then suddenly bright orange immaculate and riding on Cadillac Escalade wheels.

Being an impressionable snot nosed kid I’ve been a fan of the trucks ever since, and as I got older I came to learn that they are a staple of the minitrucking scene.

However being an import they are also occasionally picked up those who like to slide things around corners and go down and out in addition to just down.

This is almost a dead ringer for the truck I grew up seeing, save for the shade of orange
These wheels were perhaps my first exposure to OEM wheel swapping as well
‘Airbag Joe’, the owner of this truck passed away recently so it wouldn’t be right to do a B2200 post and not include his
Classic minitruck through and through here
Tandem trucks are seldom seen today, but still do managed to pop up from time to time
This was too period correct not to post
A long bed is an interesting choice for a hopper, as interesting as that gentleman’s hat
Geoff had has his truck a long time now, probably longer than I’ve been driving
I’ve always been a fan of phantom grills
This truck is actually under the knife right now and should be out again this year
The last update I could find on this truck was from 2008, not sure if it was ever finished
Which is a bit of a shame as it looks like it could have been pretty rad…
Japanese example on Advan S5s
Switching styles almost completely here’s a different take a little higher with more aggressive wheels



This drift build is another project that just kind of ended, not sure if it was ever finished either
This one looks it worked out though
Going to end things off with the truck that really inspired this entire post…


The motor is hard to make it but I’ve heard rumors it is an sr20. I’m sure more photos will emerge of it quite soon


  1. The first custom mini truck I ever saw in person was a B2000 – the euro version of the B2200. Made me realize that at some point in my life I want a slammed mini truck to scrape around in myself. That was over 20 years ago, and I still haven’t had the perfect combination of time, space and resources to build my own one yet. Then to rub it in, a dude local to me (in Kansas) has a bright orange B2200 with a color matched topper and 90’s style bodykit and graphics. I think he rolls on Escalade wheels too.

    I love these posts, but it’s making me think bad automotive thoughts… I get the feeling I may be taking my D22 Frontier and upgrading it from farm hauler to frame scraper soon. 🙂

  2. Wheel swapping started in the early 90’s with these trucks 15″ pathfinders, then 16″ Z71 wheels, then 17″ eskies and so on. Ive been around for all of it. Ive owned 12 mazdas over the last 18 years. And currently own two of them both custom. Personally one of the best minitrucks ever built Dave.

  3. @The Cat Herder good to see you are still lurking! Was wondering where you went. Many people have blamed me for questionable purchases over the years haha.

    @midnightmike 12 Mazdas! holy cow. Any pics?

  4. The only ones i have online are the last couple daily drivers and the first one i got which i still have. I’ll tag you on instagram dave

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