Agent J


Honda aficionados can correct me on this, but I believe the number of street legal J swapped Honda Civics is still fairly low.

Here in Canada we are pretty lucky because we’ve got two. In Toronto lurks the previously Honda Tuning featured example, and out in BC is this EG that’s engine bay not only houses a V6 but a Vortech supercharger as well.

agent_j_4 agent_j_5

The owner has had this car since ’97 and it’s a true labour of love with the current TL lifted V6 being the vehicles fourth motor over all.

agent_j_1 agent_j_2

A LEVEL ONE car this Civic is the full package with Chargespeed fenders, authentic spoon wheels, JDM cluster, Autopower cage, the whole nine.


More photos of this car can be seen on Life With Json.


  1. how do I know more about the purchase of the kit for my 1986 trans am and who to contact about it I hope you can help cant get in the store to shop and look to check prices I had this kit before thorough motion performance back in the 90s and would like to finish this one even better I hope you can help if you are still there thanks mike usa retired.

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