Event Coverage: Street Classics July 31st


After last weeks Theme Tuesday on muscle cars I was in the mood to check some out in person once again so I made my way out to the local Street Classics cruise in on Saturday Night.

Unfortunately soon after I arrived it started to rail lightly which put a quick end to things, but, I was able to fire off some shots and get something for WTF Friday.

I also meet a real down to earth s-10 owner in the process, good times.

Ford GT

Clarkson’s GT turned out to be lemon and he had to return it right? This one seems to be doing better.

Drew quite the crowd being fairly uncommon
Nice interior, more so for a Ford
I seem to recall this motor being from one of Fords trucks originally


Unique cars that caught my attention for one reason or another.

Jr. Draggster, anyone else with their parents got them into this?
Ollie this is for you buddy
To anyone who has driven one are they as fun as they look?
Corvair's are such odd little cars, being rear engine and American made but not all that fast
Sparse engine bay nothing unessecary except maybe the spare
Can't recall the last time I saw a Ventura at a show
This one was very, very clean

Lead Kings

No matter how dangerous and unhealthy it is working with lead is still and art form as much as these Lead Sleds are.

Wonder if there is a lead kings meet?
Matte colors always suit these cars so well
I'd love to drive this around low and slow all summer long
Beauty job on the interior
This Fairlane has seen some miles but still looks great
Shout out to all the people keeping pin striping alive

Muscle and Classics

Got to see what I set out to see.

I've got killer soft sport for all fox bodys, still
This truck had immaculate paint and airbrushing all over it
Shaved clean body
I like the use of green on these colors, makes the details pop
Caddy tails, side pipes, color accented rims
Thunder birds sure were unique
Clever plate!
Beautiful example of classic SS
Nice Bel Air Wag promoting Dukes appraisals
Hard to see in this picture but this Nova was packing serious drag radials
Clean 66 Nova
Two years in Lompoc. I'll die before I go back.
Beautiful Yenko Nova
If you still don't think classics have stance this picture should help...

Day & Nite

I’m ending today’s coverage with this s10. The owner, James, and myself talked for quite awhile in the light rain about trucks (remember I had an s10 Blazer), shows, clubs and just automobiles in general and it’s always nice to come across someone who just loves cars and shows as much as yourself and doesn’t hold any of the ego that is often associated with the various scenes.

James has put a lot of work in this truck, which is the first vehicle he ever owned, and talking with him I could tell that he did it for himself first, real enthusiasts second, and show recognition a distant third.

I look forward to seeing James and his truck at other events around the GTA.

A Canadian truck now made up of southern and clean oem panels
Jame's 2 link setup at full lift, the compressors were nicely hidden under the bed
Lots of work done under hood cleaning things up. Tons of custom bolts, pullies, and shaved pieces
Closer look at the air brushing under the hood
Air brushing continue onto the filler door
Close up of the custom engraved, polished, battery cover
Dark lit city scape in the sub box behind the seats, this blew me away never seen anything like it before

Hopefully I can make it out to one or two more of these before summers all said and done.


  1. The corvair might not have been fast, but unlike many of the American automobiles of that vintage that ran in the scca, the corvair could hold it’s own.

  2. i love the off beat stuff ,oh to eny one who hasnt driven a mini your not a real car lover (that ones a bit tame for a custom ) i bet there rairer than rocking horse shit?

  3. Haven’t been out to Street Classics last year, life sort of got in the way. I haven’t seen or heard anything about their 2011 season. Can you perhaps tell me what the start date is?
    This show has grown each year and has to be one of the largest of its kind in the GTA.
    My wheels are back in one piece and I am anxious to come down and see how much it has grown.
    Thank you;
    Wayne Law

  4. Hey Dave!!
    Thanks for responding so quick.
    I just checked the Street Classics web site.
    It shows start date as May 15, 2010 .
    There is nothing on it for a start date this year. ( 2011 )
    Have you heard anything?
    Obviously their site is not up to date.
    Thank you;

  5. Hi Dave;
    Street Classics are indeed running for 2011. Saturday night was the 1st show this year.
    George and Bonnie are facing some tough personal health issues and will be stepping back a bit.
    In the interim Mark Foster, President of Camaro Country,”F” Body Group (CCFBG) will be stepping in to look after the cruise. Check out their web site.
    Thought I would update you on the cruise. Lot was full and everyone was obviously glad to have the winter over. Nice to see the reaquantances of these people who have been in hibernation for the past few months.
    Oh and by the way, keep up the excellent work on this website!!
    Best Regards;
    Wayne Law

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