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Anyone know where I can find more pictures of this VW?

Looks damn good from what I can see.

Edit: Thanks to @Tattoo24v (Mike) and blankets3 I was able to find more pics of this car which belongs to Andrew at Open Road Tuning.

Aired out
Diggin the dish
Looks like he got new set of Rotiform wheels
Nothing beats a clean shave


  1. I dont think the pic with the rotiforms is the same car. it has side markers and repeaters and the other pics dont. just sayin…

  2. Thanks for the good words, guys! The car was parted and is currently for sale. I have had to upgrade to something larger in order to fit all my gear for shows. I had a blast with the car in the state you saw it and I will always love it in that form. However, as the business grew, I outgrew the space that the GTI offered. Thanks again for your compliments.


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