Theme Tuesdays: Low Citroens


You guys can thank Ollie for this weeks Theme Tuesday as he is the one who introduced me to the crazy world of Citroen 2CV’s which ultimately lead to today’s post.

Despite the unique (odd) suspension design of Citroens, the 2cv specifically, people drop them just the same.

Further proof that if you build it someone will slam it.

Rat, meets Cali, then France
Another Cali/rat collaboration
I ran across this one quite a bit, it could almost pass for a bug
Same car small changes
No fender gap
This truck conversion is sick
Hard to tell what wheels those are but they are a perfect fit
Sick trio, the build of the olive one is an interesting read
Laying, frame, rocker? Not sure with these lol

Video of the above in action:

American trends alive and well in this car
Another one I came across quite a few times while looking
Just cuttin the lawn


Just as people will drop anything you build people will also race anything you build.

Some CV's battling it out
Not sure how much of this is actually original anymore but sure looks wild
Wonder how fast these are...
I am guessing the original suspension has been tossed
The areo gives them a real wagon/panel van look
Off road!!

Other Citroens

After knocking around on some Citroen forums I came across these other Citroen’s which were are not 2cvs but still interesting.

Low Dyna
Slammed Dyane
Love the one air brushed panel on this one
Chillin with a 2CV
Low pair of Cits


Some crazy person is even trying to put a v8 under the hood of a 2CV which I think is a whole lot wilder (and less sacraligious to Ferrari lovers) than the Ferrari 2cv.

Reminds me of Herbie the love bug

Oh man, this looks like a crazy amout of fun

Chicks dig em

Or at least get em stuck.

A little reward for those of you who made it all the way down here haha

Thanks to Ollie for a lot of these photos and


  1. I love citroen’s, living in the states you rarely see any at all (at least in Pennsylvania anyway), on the 2CV pickup, those wheels I believe are CCW’s…but I’m not 100% sure. Looking forward to more citroen posts, although I hope they involve some SM’s and DS’s

  2. i love ds’s and toa lesser extent sm’s but i love H’vans and duex chaoux’s (i think thats how its spelt) the moast because there not pipe dream cars if you live in europe there super cheep stupidly easy to fix and mod and unless you want to go drifting or in fact fast (apart from off road) then thay cant realy be beaten hay you never know now THE MAN is trying to stop you importing jdm cars in to canada maybe euro rides (but not euro style cos its wank unless you go retro) will be the next big thing lol

  3. I’ve seen 2 2CVs. One in Mississauga and one getting on the the 401 at Kennedy. Yes the dude was going on the highway in a 2CV. I’d feel unsafe driving around in a parking lot. I’d definitely take one though.

  4. @will, the styling might not be pleasurable to some, but these cars were essentially more of a “people’s car” than the beetle. The 2CV was always much cheaper…even in Germany

  5. I love the pics. Id like to recommend an all WAGON theme tuesday. Id like to ad my ride to the pics. it would fit right in. Love the pics and the site by the way.

  6. Will, 2cv was designed before WWII, so if someone has copied someone, it was nazis. They stole what french didn’t manage to hide from 2cv development. Also, 2cv is older, but much more innovative. Suspension is unbelievable in comfort compared to its age, and cost savings and concentration on reliability and ease and cost efficiency of maintanance is something unparalalled. U don’t need to like them, but I hope you have a quick read about them.
    And yeah, this is an ancient thread.

  7. The racing 2 CVs will do about 80-90 mph… Unless it’s one with a BMW R 850 engine in it, then it’s probably more like 100-110 mph.

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