Theme Tuesdays: Air cooled Beetles


The ‘blame’ for this weeks Theme Tuesday can squarely be placed on the shoulders of previously featured photographer and current BC(?) resident Mike McConnell.

After spotting the Beetle that used to be his at Oktoberfest I read through the entire build thread which left me wanting more.

Since it’s been a long time since I have dedicated a Theme Tuesday to this iconic car I spent some time last night pulling a quick list together.

I still have the tabs open where I got these photos from open so don’t be surprised if this platform is featured again on a Tuesday in the not so distant future.

Pretty sure I have seen this car finished just can't recall where
Roof baskets are awesome on period correct cars
Bug/Bus lovechild?
Air coolers always add that perfect vintage touch
Simpler is often better with these cars
But off the wall like this Baja works well too
Fat and flush
Wish I could find a full on side profile
The rake on this one is awesome but the color match combined with the white walls steals the show
This car is to air cooled beetles what that dually throwing sparks is to lowered trucks (it is posted often)
Natural >>> Forced Patina
Some might argue these wheels are a bit big for the car but I think the fit pretty well
This shot makes them look even bigger but I still dig
Lookin' like vaders helmet
Pan scraper
Love this car all around but bonus points for the rear blinds


  1. i know waaaay to much about air cooled VDUBs i love proper cal look and german look can be awsome when done right but i personaly think bajas should be high n wide and i HATE over stancing as for rats it can go both ways

  2. Anybody else notice how high the Karmann Ghia in the 4th pic looks? Talk about making it easy to spot the lows. Lol

    To add confusion to love/hate I am on the fence about the Baja. But I do love the two tone (2nd pic) which according to me is cal style but I am not clued up on Beetles so would like to know if I identified the style correctly?

  3. I really liked the stanced Baja.

    As for the two-tone, it is indeed a Cal look, more precisely, a RestoCal. It used to be my wallpaper for some time, lol.

  4. wow, those really make me think twice about what my next project should be, that very first one has some sexy stance, and i think i really like the baja. Strange twist, but it works.

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