Theme Tuesdays: VW Beetles


The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Stance Is Everything is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that suit the vehicles intent). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: The VW Beetle

Like every other VW in existence Beetles have been slammed onto the ground for as long as I can remember, original Beetles always draw attention when they are rolling down the road but when they are scraping by its a whole different type of attention.

Had to start things off with Herbie!
Starting things of pretty simple with a nice clean paint job and slam
A little cleaner and a little lower now...
Now a little bit of patina
Now a little bit of patina
and a little more
No way to hide that setup, wonder if it's legal
No fenders and no shine
I'm not sure whats hotter the car or the photography
This car is way left of the Beetle norm but I think it works
Another unique take on things
Spotted this clean rat styled Beetle on Will
And the car of the man behind the lens
This car has a lot of the right things going on
This is how you do a bike/rack, gf even likes this one
Nice clean looking Beetle not too much camber out back
Clean paint and straight body
I'm not really a Beetle fanatic but something looks a little different about this...
Ah that's it this Beetle has an STI Motor swap! Amazing!


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