Theme Tuesdays: Nissan Gloria/Cedric/Cima


Doing Theme Tuesdays religiously since 2009 means that on occasion I draw a blank when it comes to what to post each week.

When this happens I generally disappear down a rabbit hole of forums and blogs hoping for inspiration to strike.

This time inspiration came from instagram user Tandem Knights who suggested I take a look at his Nissan Gloria.

After doing so I was interested in seeing more of the chassis and well, here were are.

Since I am not extremely familiar with the chassis I’ve extended the theme to include the cars close cousins as well in an effort to avoid mistakes.

Start things off with an American custom styled 430 Gloria
The Gloria that lead to this post, apparently one of two in the US
This car came up in my search multiple times and for good reason…
…it looks awesome on those almost impossibly small Hayashi street wheels
While I am not a huge Boso fan I do like this Gloria C30
These are apparently done in a style called ‘Yankee’ which I take to me exaggerated American muscle
Found this on cardomain which is generally the last place I expect to find anything JDM
Another car that came up repeatedly was this one…
Which is cool because I think it’s awesome


This is a great colour combination
About half a second away from being a simply stellar rolling shot
Some restrained elegance from VIP car
Yudi’s M45 which is the North American equivalent to the Gloria so far as I can tell. He’s actually in the middle of rebuilding this car right now
A little drift action from Shirts Tucked In
This car looks a little to clean to be static but with VIP styled cars you can never be sure…
I’ve always bee a sucker for deep purple so I love this K edition Gloria
Camber fans these last two are for you


A little extreme for my tastes but when in Rome…

Suggestions for next week?


  1. that red gloria was for sale maybe 5 years ago. i forget the specs exactly but i do remember it was for sale in calgary alberta, it was turbo and on bags.
    i wonder who owns it now and if its still in canada?

  2. Hey Dave, they are some nice rides. Sticking with similar looks if you get stuck again check out Toyota Crowns.

    I can send you a few that would suit this site..

  3. the original user “drader” from the f/s add is still a member on dk.
    i sent him a pm about the car and linked him here. maybe he could shed some light on the whereabouts of the car.
    i have a hard time believing that if its around somewhere that it hasent been all over the internet someplace. if i saw it on the street id take a picture of it. lol

  4. That car was incredible, classic case of “I never should have sold it”.
    So I sold it to a guy in Calgary, never saw it again, but I heard a rumour that he sold it to a dealership that used it for a display car.

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