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Actors who just so happen to be gear heads seem to continually be coming out of the woodwork; Rowan Atkinson, Adam Carolla, Dax Shepard, Patrick Dempsey and the late Paul Walker are just a few SAG card holders who are true enthusiasts and joining their ranks is Idris Elba with his series King Of Speed.

Evidently a life long petrol addict Idris decided to use his star power as a way to get behind the wheel of an assortment of awesome cars.

I watched the first episode yesterday and quite enjoyed it, so to remind myself to get back to the second I am going to post them both here.

Now I just have to get ’round to finishing season 1 of Luther…


  1. Thanks for posting this, Dave.
    watched both episodes and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I didn’t know Mr. Elba prior to this but what a nice and humble guy.

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