WTF Friday: Festivus


Like the Geo Metro the Ford Festiva is a vehicle that is largely ignored by the after market automotive community. Yes some people occasionally put Mazda’s 1.8L turbo motor under the hood, and a select few own the coveted Shogun, but by in large they are ignored and I am sure none of you can remember the last time you saw one at a show or track.

That said if you happen to see this one at your local track or meet you might want to take a second look because the standard NA four has been pulled and replaced with a fuel cell.

Why a fuel cell? Well because the original fuel tank got in the way of the mid mounted Hyabusa motor.



Currently for sale on Ebay ($19,500.00 reserve) there’s no mention of whether or not the car was built by a shop or just a talented DIYer, but despite not figuring out (or bothering with) a solution for going in reverse the work looks solid enough to send around a track more than once.







Hopefully someone meets the reserve and this car doesn’t get parted out because I’m fairly curious to see some video of this car running.


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