Random Dopeness: Volume 4


It’s been awhile since I dropped some Random Dopeness, and I have had this set ready for quite some time so it’s time, so it’s time to  throw  one  up.


So clean
Love Datsuns
Mazda 3 Sedan sittin on 19s
Raw 2002?
I can't believe I have never posted this pic, I have had it forever
When I was designing the site I used this as a test image
Saw this on Noahs blog, unique
I would hate to do this to my hood then have it get wrecked
I do not post nearly enough Scirocco's
Imagine all cops rolled like this?
I would gladly drive this Civic


  1. The red Civic-EG is my old car. Close friend of mine tipped me off that it was floating around here. Proud to see it displayed on a reputable site. Keep up the good work!

  2. loving the 340z and the bmw tii i know that the body kit is a touring car (repro)shovle nose kit wich its important because i know for suer the arches are fiber glass and the color mach is just to good so no i dont think its raw i think its just had a hard life(like eny tii cheap enough to mod) i wish i knew what the wheels wer its hard to tell eny one have eny ideas?oh i cant get garage space to buld an amazon so i have been thinking of starting a classic mini project and fiting a honda b series motor (160bhp ish) fiting aa almoast full carbon body(cerca 45kilo 992pounds for the full weight of the car) mini miglia arches and golf gti front spliter on 13in rs wanabe’s but i havent been able to find much inspiration as far as stance goes i thought you might be able to help ?

  3. all these BMWs make me angry at myself for not grabbing a pic of a 5 series ute conversion that I saw this weekend

  4. @Len + Jag ya I saw your car a long time ago and saved the pic ever since. Such a dialed stance

    @Ollie, 2002 fan eh? Good to know. A b series mini would be sick but it’s a toss up with an Amazon cause I like those too and never see them. I will try and dig up some Mini pics for you though.

    @Joe hindsight is 20/20 I am full of regret too lol

  5. im a fan of good ol retro euro metal late 60s 70s and erly 80s light weight car fitted with modern mills 202s are good but alfa gtj’s drive with more soul.here’s the thing with my project i love amazons gorjeous very driftable and lightish (very light if your used to yank tanks) how ever i just cant get the garage space but if i take the arches off the mini i can drive it streight throu the front door of my dads work shop wich i can use for free and he welds like a freek of nature lol and the mini will be ALOT faster

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