WTF Friday: One year already?


Before I jump into today’s WTF Friday (a fast Saturn) I thought I should mention that a year ago today was when I published the first post on

It’s really exciting that an idea that took losing my job to become reality has come this far in such a short time. Now 13 Featured Rides, 36 covered Events, 49 Theme Tuesdays, and 975 comments later S.I.E. is still here and going strong.

Thanks to everyone reading this, this site/blog wouldn’t be what it is today without you keeping me motivated. Now without further adieu today’s WTF Friday.

Now this might be old now but I just found out about two guys out in Tenesse who built a 427 powered Outlaw style drag car out of a 2006 Saturn ION.

When asked on why a Saturn the simply answered

The car was basically given to us, so we figured why not? Might as well.

The factory fire wall is still intact, the doors open, and it’s full street legal. Wild.

One mean looking ION
So wild
Factory dash more or less untouched
Really clean trunk considering how tubbed it is
Most of the interior is untouched

Site Updates

Seche Media is producing my newest batch of stickers including a new thicker font url sticker, two tone “I Like Em Dropped” stickers and a bunch of new colors. Can’t wait to get this batch in.

Meanwhile my car goes in for coil-overs and camber arms tomorrow at Advance Power House so I am really looking forward to that.

New parts thanks to Next Mod: HIDs, spacers, BC Coil overs

If the weather holds out I should be able to roll out with my new stance to an e30 meet as well, regardless Saturday is enough excitement to make the weekend fun. 🙂

Flash Back Friday

In honor of the 1 year gotta send it back to the first post no matter how embarrassing.

Pretty sure this is Sean Dubs car pre... a lot of things


  1. comple ano dude the first of meny! thers a time and a place for every thing lol i love the working with what youve got ethic wondering about the functionality of the wing (is it stock or not no idea wtf a saturn is lol) oh and happy new low n grip oh and to day i disided to count audis i stoped counting at 40(just after lunch) it was just geting stupid and i havent been out on a high way thats just round town

  2. Congrats Dave!! You’re doing awesome! 😛 I hope to experience a small bit of your success. 😉 Working on it. Slowly…

    And WTF Saturn? o_O Oy… Call me a snob, but if I’m gonna roll around in something I want it to be pretty…. Pretty before very fast. 😉 (But capable. Not just pretty. Just pretty is like the model who’s drop dead gorgeous but you can’t talk to her about ANYTHING. What’s the point then?)

    Congrats on the coils too! They make life so easy sometimes.

  3. @Rob thanks! 😛

    @ollie – The wing is stock, Saturn is a domestic brand here that is meant to compete with imports, more or less a throw away car

    @Meg Your getting quite popular yourself, don’t worry, and I guess if a Saturn is given to you you might as well make it fun!

  4. I guess, I should probably work on it a bit more, that’s all. I’ve got a few things coming up this summer for my own one-year celebration. 😉

    Hmmm… I could be a smartass and say my idea of a Saturn and making it fun is a very nice explosion, but hey… How could that NOT be fun?! 😀

  5. meg jusy make sure its in between a hummer and a escalard when it goes off you would be making the world a better place lol!

  6. congrats on the one year celebration! I was a late member to this site, but I’m never left unsatisfied with your content. Keep it up.

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