A blog is born


I look at cars all day everyday, in the street, in magazines, and online. To those sharing the same affliction as me this is normal. I’ve grown from a Hot Wheels obsessed child into an adult car nut.

However up until a few weeks ago I never thought that I could put this obsession to good use. That was until I noticed blogs like Speedhunters, Hellaflush, and The Chronicles.

These blogs made me realize two things; having an easy way to look at awesome cars without combing through Google and message boards is a great way to consume as many cars as possible, and why the heck isn’t any one representing for the sick cars that are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) along side those from around the globe?

Well I guess it worked out my my favor that no one has yet, because I am about to. Welcome to StanceIsEverything.com, and fasten your seat belt it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

White E36 - Spotted on bikeguide.org
White E36 M3 - Spotted on bikeguide.org

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