Event Coverage: Summer Sizzle 2


Last Sunday I attended Summer Sizzle 2 put on by Pur Secretz at Vonn Cycle, and even though the calendar had yet to tick over to ‘Summer’ it was sizzling out.

The show had a pretty big turnout and a lot going on (especially for a free show) so I was there for quite awhile between walking around and shooting the breeze in the shade.

Ruff Ryders’

The Ruff Ryders anthem came out in 1998, which means that it’s 12 years old now. I had no idea people were still reppin’ the crew though.

Double R!
This dude was reppin
As was the owner of this wagon


Surprisingly small European turn out at Summer Sizzle few guys held it down though.

The second local e46 I have seen on Volks
Dope, clean Audi
Got a few more pictures of this A3 coming soon
This CF wrapped TT caused a stir when it rolled up


One from the old school one from the new school

The front is popped for the ICE setup if you were wondering
I would love to have this in my garage


A lot of the local Mazda community came out to this show, some to hang out and some to compete. Almost everyone competing had switched things up since the last time I had seen them.

Ryan changed the vinyl on his car from last week
I still want a speed.
Shout out to all the Mazda5 lovers
Mike was in the house with his RX-8 on works


Imports that were not Hondas…

The best looking Matrix I have seen in the GTA
This G35 had quite the set up going on, concourse level of clean
Under hood shot of the same car
Genesis are on the come up
More of this car coming as well
Sic Ryde had his Lex out
After winning lowest static the day before
MR-2 on Advans, I heard he won his class
Krystn put some work into her STI


This thing was massive, note the stacks
Bagged J body
Full trunk setup
With some boost
Another show style J body
With a super charger, wonder which of these to J's is faster?
Custom painted 300c
The first G8 I've seen modified
Looks pretty damn good I must say


Some of the Honda lineup
Swing up doors...
Tidy lookin Acura
This might have been a Viper color, looks really close if not
More Advans, this time on a turbo RSX, dig the color matching
Cool to see one of these at a show, they are scarce in these parts with quarters intact
I wouldn't mind seeing more people play with this color
This purple Civic looked pretty good on e30 basket weaves
NSX with lots of Carbon fiber
Front could come down some
Shame it's auto
This civc was all function and gets nothing but love


There was a Bikini car was at the show but it was out in the direct sun, shooting pictures of this model from the shade was much easier later in the day.

Leaning into Gary's widebody e46
Ruff Ryders wag getting some model love
If you are reading this that Pontiac is supercharged and bagged

That’s it for Summer Sizzle, many more events to come this summer, I might end up with Event Coverage every week…


  1. thats the first late modle integra ive seen on the net in ages shame there rairer than rocking horse shit in main land europe how ever theres a load of 300c’s around il never undestand what peaople see in them and some days i think if i see another audi rs… im gona screem there like cocroches fantastic engeneering but i seams like im never more than a fue feet away from one and i dont want them ant were near my place GET OFF MY ROADS!!! and there prodomantently driven by complete ass clowns some one call renta kill

  2. Many consider the 300c an inexpensive Bentley so I can see the appeal to some. I like a few, but would never really own one.

    It would be funny for us to switch scenes for a week, whats common to you would be rare to me and vice versa.

  3. its not just 300c’s its damn near all american cars there big heavy and dont go round corners at more than 3mph dude if i could swap scenes for a week i would just for the fun of it hay tell you what theres a show on the 20 somthing il send you some pics hopfuly thayl be be some of the retro racers from the campo those things are cool think renult 8 gordini with over fenders and streched tyers and not just a load of wankers in fararris lambos and zondas

  4. Dave,

    Great Coverage! Thanks for the plug!! Always keeping in tune to see ure coverage from the Event.

    Thanks for the stretch and poke 2 – – – info…

    see you soon.


  5. hey man, would you be interested in doing some coverage on division r? you already got mikes rx-8, you mentioned your gonna have more of pedro’s a3 and sam’s 350… i own that silver matrix which happens to be the lowest matrix in the world on static suspension :p …let me know if you are interested, our team has top quality cars as you have already noticed.

  6. Hey Trix, I wouldn’t mind a group feature, I mentioned it to Sam, I will email you or see you at Voice Coil Meltdown and we can talk about it further 🙂

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