K.Saun + Worked 905 = Winning Combo


The local JDMrides crowd is no doubt well aware of the type of cars Worked 905 produces, and the amazing pictures that Kevin Saunders shoots, but for those of you from out of town you are in for a treat.

Today’s combination of amazing cars & photography is simply stunning. All of these pictures were taken walking distance from my house and I have seen all of these cars out and about in my local hood as well.

While I have yet to meet the owners I hope to take care of that soon and be able to tell them personally how awesome I think there cars are.

Beautiful deep purple on this car
I've still always wanted a purple car
Worked 905s famous 3.2L Civic
Clean engine bay
If your wondering yes he drives around on the street like this
The height and fitment on this Civic are off the charts.
Just the right amount of tuck and poke here
I never thought to use this building as a back drop, that's what separates me from the real photogs

Big shout outs to Worked 905 for always coming out with immaculate looking cars and Kevin Saunders for posting these photos on jdmrides where we could all enjoy them.

Make sure to check out his flickr for more awesome shots and high res versions of these.


  1. ive seen photo’s of these cars knocking around i like the 3.2 but whats with the cheap red windscreen sticker and he blue painted roll cage add strut brace and props
    lovein the wheels on whitey oh and purple cars are in this year are thay not? and is that an intercooler i spy?

  2. lol i like that “the windshield banner is a JDM thing I believe” (cough poser cough)

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