WTF Friday: Birds Of A Feather


I spend a lot of time looking at s10s. In fact I probably spend way more time looking at s10s than someone who doesn’t own one should, and in my time spent looking at the well traveled pick up I’ve noticed that people do a lot of… questionable things to them.

Among one of the things people seem to keep trying to do,with limited success, is make them into some sort of bastardized hot rod.



From what I’ve seen it doesn’t seem to ever really work as displayed here by these two builders who, despite trying very hard, seemed to have missed the mark on creating the ever elusive s10 hot rod.





Hard to say who wore it better but I will say that I prefer the wheel and tire setup on the first one.

Spotted in The Most Hacked and Ugly Shit of 2014 thread thread of course.


  1. thats actually a good idea poor execution but a modern framed/body hot rod is at least interesting i like the grills as well. maybe if they could some how change the wheel base and get the front wheels closer to the grill? that would look alittle better just a new version of a rat rod made with modern parts.

  2. Every time I see one of these, they all seem to miss one thing. The placement of the front wheels is all wrong. Rip out the front suspension and replace it with a simple split wishbone setup that sets the front axle slightly in front of the grille, suicide style. Then they’d be decent.

  3. I have had three S10’s now, and the idea of a hot rod/ rat rod build has danced around in my mind for some time now. I think the placement of the front axle is not the real issue, it’s the overall proportions and certain dimensions that need some tweaking. I hope to build my vision sometime in the next year or two.

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