Event Coverage: Street Classics May 24 2010


Last Saturday I felt the need for a little bit of change from the super slammed, stretch tire, flush type of stance and decided to head out to the weekly Street Classics Show and Shine at Canadian Tire Etobicoke and take in some real American Metal.

Since it was a long weekend the turnout was smaller than usual but 20 cars or 200 I still enjoy these shows, it’s something about the atmosphere.

Interesting fact the first event I ever covered for this blog was one of these.

Boulevard Cruisers

I always get a kick out of curb feelers
This color photographs so well
The plates on this Falcon are crazy, not sure how the owner got them?


Fairly sure my car could fit in this long bed
This old Army Jeep was pretty cool
Old communications radios were so big!
Top speed of 60 MPH, sick.
I was really taken aback at how clean this was considering the age and previous life
This Fiat 600R looks like it would be a fun little go kart
Clean hopped up little ride
My librarian in Elementary school had an MG, I was always staring at it, he hated me though


Every time I see this car I am drawn in by its fantastic black paint
I am pretty sure this color would not work on anything else
I love this one, very well put together


Say what you will about the Fire Chicken graphic I have always dug it
Super Sport
Nice black 69
This Nova was a little rough around the edges but still a sick ride
Hood guages are legit
Doubtful you would ever see this in your rear view

Got some more event coverage coming this week and quite a few local cars, going to be a busy one!


  1. sweeeeet fiat 600 i love the erly modles because the motor looks more like its disined for producing moon shine than propelling the little bugger lol oh an mg B is like the stance anti crist lol oh i love the black modle a its just sexy screw rat rods lets see some reto rods coming back in to vouge ,muscle cars look cool and every thing but thay just seam niandertal to me because i grew up no were near a streight road and if you tryed to flick that nova into a corner youd end up backwards thru a hedge on fire but i understand thay have there place

  2. I appreciate the fact that you are into a lot of different cars like myself! More people need to appreciate the entire hobby as a whole!

  3. Hi! Great shots!
    I was on this show last saturday,( 29) there were like about 200 cars 🙂
    But i’m a little jealous cause you got some space for good photos, while when i was there, the cars were stacked up))
    So i stood on the road and just photoed all passing by motors)
    There we’re no fiat though last week)
    But i did catch the nova)
    Here’s some of my shots

  4. That was my first time) i found about it because of your blog, so many thanks to you 🙂
    im little hard on time, my employers like shifts in weekends, so i duno when i will visit the show next time but look forward to it)
    the etobicko show has mostly muscles, if you want to see some classic cars, i can recommend thornhill cruisers meet, http://www.thornhillcruisers.com/index2.html
    which i visited this monday.
    but i think both shows are really cool.
    the thornhill though has more grassy areas and cars not stacked up, so chance to get great shots.
    i have a few pics from thornhill on my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/39100008@N08/sets/72157624188310886/

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