Victoria Day Mazda 3 Photoshoot


Last week my friend Chris, from Toronto Mazda 3 gave me a shout asking if I wanted to take part in a little photo shoot/meet on the May 24 holiday Monday.

Having nothing better to do I cleaned my car, grabbed my girlfriend and headed out, here are some of the resulting photos my girlfriend took of the day.

Group shot of all the cars, notice I am the only hatch...
The man who organized it all
I still think one day I am going to end up with a set of rx-8 rims
When Joe first got this car I was skeptical of the color but it looks great now
Can not wait until my correct size spacers arrive
This is Lyndsey's favorite shot of the day
The reflective building was her idea
Angry Monkey!
Ryan's car is still changing weekly
Ryan and I hung around after everyone left to discuss BC coilovers as he is on them
Do not worry I have more low coming soon 🙂

TM3 guys if you want high res versions of this shoot just send me an email.


  1. love the metalic bage car (sorry dude i dont know the color name ) with the twin color lights i have to say its one of the coolest 3’s ive seen (i know it may be wrong but) theres somthing about it that makes me think it would look the shit with an integra style hoop spoiler on the back im not usuealy a mazda 3 fan but that all look mean props

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