Theme Tuesdays: Subaru clearance sale


My Stance Is Everything folder was simply over flowing with photos of Subarus which I had a few different ideas in mind how I could break them up into a few different Theme Tuesday posts but decided to hell with it I can always collect more later.

Here is a lot of AWD low.

One tidy Forrester
and another
If you can keep white rims clean they really pop
I dig this
BC coils spun all the way down
Cruisin low
Asphalt gray rims work great with the white paint and dark tints
Gold grids, not mad
My god this car is dirty
Fantastic fitment
Stickered lips are not for everyone, this car pulls it off
Same car, back shot
Black and debadged
Paint looks immaculate
Wonder what's under the cover
Dialed stance
The perfect balance of tire, lack of gap, and flushness
mister hashimoto is now RHD
I will end with this conversation piece


  1. love the dirty scooby but thay just dont look right to me with out a spoiler as for the conversation piece the fender (wings if you actualy speak english lol) need cutting along the to edge of the arch streching out and then a peace welded in to make it look ALMOAST stock smoooooooth prime paint= bad ass . ive seen it done with karman ghias (i know its not spelt right) and it always looks amazing and has people scraching there heads trying to figure out how you did it its a lot of work but i think it would be a first? nice tyer fitment tho

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