Functional Fitment


Came across this e46 a few days ago on Max and even though the owner thinks his track wheels look tiny I’m a fan of how this e46 looks set up for the track on Apex Arc-8 17×9 (et) 42 wheels with 255s all around.

At 17lbs a piece these wheels won’t slow the owner down on the track either.

Ready to take care of buisness on the track while lookin good
Very functional
Not low enough to tear the fender up tracking but low enough to look great parked

Just add this to the collection of clean e46s that have already been posted.


  1. this guy’s setup convinced me to go for the apex arc 8!
    Light as hell and they look nice. Also like the amount of tire, nowadays cars
    look like they only ride on rims without tires. I like to see this car with his chubby tires!
    clean track machine!

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