What Could Have Been


When my truck got broken into and written off I was left in a bit of a lurch looking for a car. I liked the wagon like properties of the Blazer but hated it being a slow gas pig, I loved Subaru Wagons but couldn’t afford one, so I started to look at Mazda Protege 5s and although I ended up with a 3 I still have a soft spot for p5s.

I spotted this white p5 in a Automotive Appreciation thread I read and I have to say this thing looks great slammed on some works.

If the front wheels were pushed out just a hair more this car would be perfect
The Hawaii scene has some of the nicest cars I swear

This p5 is actually local and I had pictures of this car saved as inspiration when I was still looking for a black p5, since then I saw this car in person at Scrape By The Lake 2009

Rotas or not these wheels looked great on this car, nice pinstriping also
I'm not as much of a fan of the new wheels but dig the on the floor stance via bags

As it would turn out these cars are actually pretty prone to rusting so maybe its good that I didn’t get one, but if I did springs would have been first on the long list of mods you can do to these cars.


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