Always been a fan of this one


I’ve seen this car at a few local events and it has always stood out to me as being one of those cars that just looks “right”.

The owner isn’t trying to push any boundaries when it comes to ride height, camber, or fitment and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Stance isn’t all about specs and shock value, execution and final product play a big part and this car has been executed beautifully.

Nothing on this car is overstated
And every modification flows together perfect
Doesn't hurt the car looks to be in immaculate shape
Do you think the designer of te37s gets royalties?

These photos taken by Studio 2.8 were taken last year pre-spacers.

Studio 2.8 always produces awesome photos
Even in black and white this car is sick

Kudos to the owner for doing this Z up proper.


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