Event Coverage: Squeaky Clean 2011


After successfully running Tuners Against Street Racing for a few years Matthew M (previous feature s2k owner) decided to switch gears a bit and start a new show series called ‘Squeaky Clean’ aimed towards those with more subtle modifications done to their cars.

The first Squeeky Clean show took place two weeks ago at JRP and even though mother nature didn’t seem to fond about the idea of Matt having a show that day about 35 or so cars ended up coming out to participate in the event.

I arrived in time for it to start drying up but it was still pretty cold so as the judges hustled to wrap things up as quickly as possible I made my rounds with the camera.


Being an Honda guy Matt got a lot of support from the Import crowd.

I didn't notice the leather guts in this car until looking at the photo again today
I believe this car took home best sticker application or something like that
Guessing dude works at a skate shop, or at least knows someone who does
Facebook alerted me that Dan is looking to go lower next year.. something custom I think
You can't really see it here but this car had a slight pearl in the paint
Damn this is a nice looking DA on what look to be BBS RAs
Never seen aftermarket center caps in e30 baskets before, clever
I've always wondered if people steal these things? Would be weird to come back and find yours missing
The anodized lips set this car off pretty nice
Those Mugen sides do not look speed bump friendly
Squeeky clean
Recognized a few cars from JDMR at the show
Elevated came out to show Matt some support
LMs... I should do another LM appreciation Theme Tues
The Elevated EK and ChopShop EK are too of the hottest looking Civics in town
Alex is looking to go further aggressive out back next year
Dylan's Silvia on Pansport G7s
Matts s2000
Which looks like it's got more camber since the last time I saw it... not surprised he is always changing stuff on his cars
I didn't know this Scion was actually from Miami.. probably wishes he was home now
Love the Personal wheel in this interior
The engine bay was pretty unique
With this stealing the spotlight


John’s Subaru is pretty wild I didn’t know just how wild until I read his  feature in Performance Auto and Sound that outlined just how much work he has put into this car. It’s certainly one of the more show oriented builds in the area but he drives the heck out of the car and it puts down a serious amount of horse power.

Curious how much power this puts down? Scroll.
Well damn
Orange/blue interior with Cusco cage and a plethora of gauges
John has more sponsors than I have modifications


I was told minutes before I showed up a whole bunch of VWs rolled out, bummer.

Jetta on AMG triple 5 spokes that I think come on the CLS36?
Dope Jetta on TMBs I also saw later at the ChopShop BBQ
White out treatment
Jujhar recently had some work done to his Golf, love the new front sans bra
So clean.
Hoping to maybe shoot this car some more next season

I beleive Matt plans to have the event earlier next year so expect a bigger turnout for Squeaky Clean 2012


  1. Thats subau is fully sponsored and that is what the stickers are for I do over 45 shows big and small a season all over Canada

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