WTF Friday: Misguided Talent?


I’ll admit I have been going back and forth about whether or not I should do a post about this person/shop as when I first saw the cars produced therein I initially assumed it was just another bondo workshop.

However after clicking through to the shops car domain page I was quite impressed at the work that lay underneath.

While the final products are not be something I would drive I am very impressed at the workmanship behind all of these builds.

To help illustrate my point here are the first photos I saw:

Most of you looking at these photos probably had a similar reaction to my own, the Trans Am looks a bit like K.I.T.T. after a mid life crisis, the Malibu is old meets new in an odd way, and the Elantra Accent is so far away from what Hydundai originally intended that I almost didn’t recognize it.

But looking at some of the progress pictures below its easy to tell that the builder is very capable with a welder and some metal and I know I wouldn’t be upset if this guy offered to teach me a few things about working with metal.

The rear end, front end, sides and wide body on the Accent is actually done with more metal than filler
Even the bumper is entirely made of sheet metal and not fibreglass
The shop has even taken to building what resembles an armoured A-Team Van
Trans tunnel in a 41 Ford
More work on the 41
This sheet metal dash blew me away
It doesn't even look too out of place inside the older s10

I know a few local body shops (I’m looking at you Mazda Warranty approved shops) that could learn a thing or two from this guys attention to detail.

If you’re like me and want to see more of what is under the paint click through.

Site Updates

I noticed the fan page clicked over 6000 fans, thanks everyone for the support. I’ve got a few ideas written down on scrap pieces of paper here to keep the winter interesting so stick around and tell your friends.

I wish I could tell you guys I was going to SEMA again this year but c’est la vie.

Flashback Friday

Remember Geby’s FD? If not you should, it is fire.


  1. That Hyundai is an Accent, not an Elantra. You would be surprised at what he made it out of. The Accent he started with was a $300 car. Jordan loves that car, and it can always be seen at the local shows all summer long. A lot of people have no idea what it is until they see the steering wheel.

    • Sorry I didn’t recognize it and that kind of echoes what I posted but thanks for the correction.

      Like I said the finished products are not what I would do with those platforms but I respect the work put in as it is done 100% correct.

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