Another one touches down


Since the last bagged Subaru I’ve posted I learned a few things. The first being is that more people seem to dig bagged Subarus than not and the second is that more people are bagging Subbies than I originally thought (apparently it’s big in Australia).

Case in point this bagged Legacy GTS on what look to be purple Raderwerks built by Kustomz Unlimited INC out in Texas.

It’s always cool to see people breaking new ground with air ride on different platforms, because some cars sure do put up a hell of a fight when you try to wrestle them to the ground.

The legacy aired out
This road sucks.
Actually, now that I think about it I have not see too many Legacys of this gen modded
Well fitted
Hella horns should come in black, I think I spy a daily driver sticker also
Rollin' Out

From what I have read it doesn’t seem like the owner is done with this car so you can keep up with his progress the same place I found the last one, on Stanceworks, more pictures there too.

(If you took these photos and want credit thrown up let me know in the comments)


  1. The Legacy is a Liberty over here in Oz and people mod the 5hit out of em!

    Although I havent seen many Liberty’s on bags it is a big thing in here. The amount or Rexys on bag is damn near redonkculous 🙂

  2. Nice! I’ve got a pair of those Hella horns waiting to go on my RS, just gotta find time to put them in.

    • I really like how those Hellas sound just not a huge fan of the look on some cars, but if they changed the color I wouldn’t know they were Hellas so..

  3. I haven’t looked atthem too closely, but I seem to remember reading about other people repainting the orange cage on them. the orange is what makes them cool though, and almost traditional in the Subaru world.

  4. Dave, if you google image “hella supertones,” you’ll see the grilles are just attached with a few phillips-head screws. You’ll also see images of different-colored grilles. Man, I can’t wait to scare the shit out of some bad drivers with 118dB of goodness!

  5. Anyone know what type of front lip bar he has? I’m SO keen to get a bar like this but all of them look SHIT!

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