Winter Wednesdays: Hoarder


Pat Cyr, Dan Cyr, and Drift Possee are awesome. I keep saying this because it continues to be true as evident from today’s photos I lifted from Dan’s wall.

In the winter months Pat tends to do a lot of the following two things: work on his competition car, and slide his winter car, which also happens to be an ae86. When asked on facebook where Pat gets all his AE86’s Dan simply replied:

Ever seen the show Hoarders?”

While I don’t think Pat is a hoarder I do think that he has some sort of Corolla radar that lets him know where all the hachi’s are.

I know a lot of you out there wish you had a summer and winter ae86
Snow provides great cooling for brakes...
My car looks like crap snow covered, Pat's, mean. FML

Oh, and Pat’s elbows deep in rebuilding his track car again so be sure to check his build progress on

Photo credit: Dan Cyr


  1. Snow may well cool your brakes, but it can also cause them to not work! When I had my 1989 4×4 Corolla sedan, I’d take it out for a drift whenever there was snow on the roads. One evening, after a particularly fluffy snowfall, I did just that, and after 15-20 minutes of fooling around, the damn brakes wouldn’t work! I guess I packed a bunch of snow into the wheels from going sideways… No harm done, just kinda surprising. Too bad the car was rusting out and got exhaust fumes inside while driving, it sure was fun!

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