Theme Tuesdays: Morris Minors


My apologies to some of you for today’s Theme Tuesday as it’s a little random and outside of the box. However I think a large part of my audience visits because the site is a little more general automotive focused than your typical stance blog, and a lot more stance focused than your typical automotive blog.

Or at least that’s the excuse I am using to explain the fact that I go from posting e46s to classics, to IS300s, to today’s topic car Morris Minors without skipping a beat.

These British economy cars first peaked my interest when I noticed that people seemed to love to stuff large displacement American engines (often with blowers) in their small engine bays.

Once I found out about that it was all downhill from there….

Lovin' the color on this one
Also dig the Mighty Mouse mural

Edit: Turns out the above isn’t a Morris (whoops) but its staying anyway

Doesn't look like there is a lot of wind sheild left to see around that blower
I would have loved to get a shot of this closed up
Because it looks like it has killer stance
This one reminds me of an old banker or something because of the visor
This traveler has got a lot of American influence
More big motor, small car
Wonder how they are to work on after swaps
The team bhp watermark seems fitting here
Ollie submitted this track burner
Along with this one that I think I may have posted once before
Guess it's all about the power to weight with these
Vintage photo of a rodded up Minor
This ones seems proportioned way different than the rest, the tire setup maybe?
Finally some good old fashioned tire smoke to end things off

Props to Ollie once again for helping out with a couple I couldn’t find.

Should be back with something more traditional next week… maybe 🙂


  1. As a Morrie 1100 owner – the Minors successor – it’s most champion to see some love for the awesome English beast. And while that first car is way cool, it’s not a Morris. ‘Tis a Hillman Minx 😛

  2. I’m really digging that gray Minor on widened steelies. You’ve just helped to remind me that I have a friend in Israel restoring one of these, thanks Dave.

  3. the first words out my mouth were you sliped up mother $£@! but i dont care i could forgive that paint job of eny (nice call land crab owner guy) thing how every the pea green low light im not responsable for lol the second to last pic the car has been shortened from the front and it has a home made grp flip front
    dave@ thanks for making me a contributor 🙂

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