A Visit To: Legendary Motorcar Company


Tucked away in the town of Milton Ontario is a place that every GTA based car enthusiast should make a point to visit, the Legendary Motorcar Company headquarters.

I feel ashamed to admit that this facility is only 40 minutes from my house and it’s taken me this long to go check it out. For some reason I had always assumed it was a private, but after doing some research online I learned it was open to the public so I made arrangements to check out both the shop and the showroom.

The Legendary Motorcar Company started from humble beginnings 25 years ago as a shop that specialized mostly in Shelby restorations.

Since then the company has expanded to the point where they are pushing the limits of the 55,000 square foot building they moved into in 2002.

A shot of the Legendary Motorcar Facility taken from the LMC website

The LMC headquarters is simply beautiful inside and out. The 100 car show room is essentially the tip of the iceberg because behind the staff only doors LMC has a fully equipped shop that’s ready to handle any level of restoration: basic maintenance, detailing, body work, custom fabrication and race preparation, can and is all done on site day in day out.

Essentially the first view I got of LMC

Shortly after I arrived at LMC, and had a chance to take a quick peek around the showroom, Bill DeBlois whom I had spoken with via email, came down from the second level (where even more cars were stored) to give me a tour of the shop facility.

I wasn’t permitted to take photos of the shop but take my word for it when I say therein lay some of the most impressive automotive work I have ever seen in person, at any capacity.

Body work? Flawless detail work? More of the same. Custom Fabrication and restoration? Mind BLOWING.

Every build I saw, no matter what level of completion, or what type of build it was, was done with the exceptional eye to detail that’s missing from a lot of other shops today.

When Bill informed me that the entire staff at LMC was in around the 20-30 number I was flabbergasted. Legendary Motorcar clearly runs on the hard work of a relatively small group of very talented and dedicated people.

More from the show room a little further down

After noticing my jaw was scratching the incredibly clean shop floor Bill lead me back to the showroom and showed me where the set of Dream Car Garage, a local enthusiast show, was located which was in the back corner of the incredibly packed show room.

Once our guided tour was over he let Lyndsey and I wander around and take as many photos as we wanted, below are those pictures with a special look at a very impressive car at the end.

The dream car garage set at LMC
LMC really is a car enthusiasts dream facility

Vintage models

I wonder what the market for cars like this 31 Auburn 8-98C in the GTA is?
Really liked the hood ornament on this car
The rim being an actually rim for old spares is cool
An all original Bentley Mark VI that is probably worth more than my house
The flying B is nice but I think I still have to give it to the Auburn above
Though Stanleys have rad hook ornaments as well
First Steamer I have ever seen in person, would have loved to see it run


51 XK120's look awesome
One of many 427 Shelbys at the facility


Prestine GT350 Mustang
This was Big Daddy Don Garlits personal Ford Deluxe
Trio of Mustangs and a Shelby hiding in the corner
Mustangs or Sardines? I wouldn't want to park these


Never seen a Yeoman before but I liked what I saw
Superclean interior that showed no signs of the air ride setup
Polished 502 under the hood
I loved this vintage Corvette race car
Be sure to check out the race history of this car on legendarymotorcar.com
This Chevelle SS, though unfinished, looked great
Should look beautiful on the street when it's done


1948 Plymouth Woody Wagon
Lyndsey was a huge fan of this teal 69 Charger
And I thought the only bright Charger I liked was Orange
Like most of the cars at LMC this was also flawless
A 69 Dodge Super bee
and a 69 numbers matching Charger Daytona
Beautiful road runner
With duster graphics in tact

The Super Cuda

Since I’ve started this blog I have been lucky enough to see a number of beautifully built machines at shows all over the GTA, and obviously at SEMA in Vegas.

While I’m sure I am going to come across quite a few more awesome cars I think this one might stay as number 1 on my list for some time.

You probably already figured out I love this car

I’m not sure that there is anything else I could ask for in a car.

This car handles awesome thanks the the updated suspension setup, looks awesome because of the classic styling, and performs like a beast thanks to the twin turbo V-10 Viper motor under the hood.

The twin turbo viper V10 in it's new carbon fiber home

This Cuda embodies everything LMC is great at. The car is an absolute beauty to look at from every angle, from the paint to interior, the interior to the engine bay, and the engine bay to exterior, everything is terrific.

Beautiful from every angle

Based on the work done to the motor the LMC shop estimates that this car puts down around 1500 hp.

I say around not because they have not dynoed it but because the dyno in the shop ‘only’ goes up to 800hp and this Super Cuda maxed it out without breaking a sweat.

Push the pedal down and hold on tight

The final result of what LMC has created here is ’70 a Plymouth Barracuda that can take a Ferrari Enzo to school on a high speed ring and rip off it’s own windshield molding on the way to breaking the 200mph speed barrier.

CF trunk lip, CF diffuser

This car has it all, look, stance, attention to detail, and performance.

I want it.

Ya I took a lot of pictures of this car but can you blame me?
Lots of grip, lots of stop
One last shot of the engine bay... perfect

Huge thanks to Bill and Legendary Motorcar Company for letting me visit the shop and get shutter happy in the show room.


  1. You spoil me Dave. When I get another chance to go, I’ll try and take, and send you, a few pics from the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philly. Some of the best historic racers around.

  2. awsome dude i hope my company looks somthing like that one day epic drool lol
    @joe get on it man i cant wait to see those pics as luck would have it today meryem has sed she’s taking me to malaga motor museum for valentines (BEST GIRL FRIEND EVER) so il take some pic’s and share with the class as well

  3. It warms my hear to know that such a high level of quality is coming out of a CANADIAN shop! You might also want to check out RM Classic Cars. I always crane my neck for as long as possible when I drive by it on the 401, just to see if I can spot any interesting cars, but usually it’s all tucked away indoors.

  4. I get so sick of chasing classic cars, You are a breath of fresh air! Thanks, Bill Rodd 239-288-3027 cell

  5. I enjoy doing sketches of cars ,I used to come their when it first opened up. I was wondering if I can come do some sketches of the cars you guys have on display. Please get back to me via email and thank you .

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