WTF Friday: Electric E30!?


When I read a thread title on Maxbimmer this morning talking about an Electric e30 I nearly choked on my Mini Wheats, my immediate first thought was ‘I would rather an eta(325e) over an electric e30!’. However curiosity got the best of me and I clicked through anyway and read the folllowing:

Rimac created a 900-horsepower beast that can hit 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, top out at 174 mph and – depending on how much he flexes his right foot – travel for over 100 miles on charge.

Reading that my tune changed a little bit because the 2.7L ‘Eta’ motor makes a lowly 121hp.

This is the car, I'm actually surprised it sits so high with all the batteries

From what I can gather the owner, Rimac from Croatia, had an e30 and the motor popped so instead of swapping in another fossil fuel mill he decided to convert it to electric.

But he didn’t want it to be slow so he created one with 900bhp and has since been taking it all over the place to whoop on both petrol and electric cars.

This is pretty cool because I think electric cars and hybrids really have the potential to appeal to more people if they started to look normal.

The only other problem to tackle is the other things that make gas motors so appealing, like the sound, smell, and feel.

Though all that torque right off the bat could be a lot of fun.

More info.

Site Updates

I’ll have a new featured ride up on Monday and I will probably throw up another sticker give away on Wednesday or Thursday. I have had all the stickers for awhile and just picked up a bunch more from Nextmod on Tuesday so I should liquidate.

Oh, and yes I am working on a turbo Dodge Theme Tuesday, it might not be ready for this Tuesday but I have a list to check off with what cars I want to appear in it.

Flashback Friday

This is kind of funny and a perfect example of how things change drastically in a couple years. In 2009 this was one of the best fitted first gen Speed3s I had never seen, but now it seems a little tame when compared to what’s going on in Texas.

Volk Rays CE28N – 18×8.5 +52mm offset

I still rather like it though as it’s wearing 235s Star Specs all around which is plenty of grip for the Speed3. Sits better than my car did on Eibach Sportlines too, damn.


  1. very cool the sus seams to be lacking tho i would happley personaly have an electric car its the cap on the miles that you can do that puts me off

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