Event Coverage: CSCS Finale 2011 Part: One


Yesterday marked the conclusion of what might may have been the best CSCS season I have attended. The addition of a new track coupled with very co-operative weather made this ninth year of the Canadian Sport Compact Series one of the most attended and therefore exciting.

Though I woke up a bit under the weather there was no way I was going to let myself sit around all day and miss the season ender where people would be battling to find them selves atop their various classes.

One of the most anticipated battles at this CSCS was between Shasha Anis (SG Motorsports 350z) and Brian Wong (Advance Powerhouse/Nextmod Evo) for the unlimited record.

Brain (who held the title at the beginning of the day) damaged the bumper on his Evo bad enough to keep him out of the competition which left the door open for Shasha to smash the previous record and set a new one at 1:13.945.

Unfortunately I showed up to the track minutes after all of that happened so I attempted to get over my brain fart by snapping some photos of the rest of the time attackers.

Before drift started I managed to catch Pete out on the track
Also saw Spenser out putting his WRX hood scoop to use
Go-pros were all over cayuga
When not competing Anna from Sweetie Girl Racing was giving rides in a Scion TC
RSX rippin
This s2000 looked pretty quick out on the track I don't have official numbers or anything

Similar to all of the other CSCS events I showed up in time for the top 16 drift action and I was surprised to see a couple new faces in the top 16 (more because it was the last event of the year). A couple guys really held their own with the regulars too.

Contributed some stickers to Chris' newest sticker bomb
Anthony's weekend warrior
The lead car in this Tandem is one I don't recall seeing before
Teammates Ryan Stock and Anthony battling it out
I hear some tracks charge for sod, good thing Cayuga is cool
Anthony chasing Lucas Johnson
Stock during the exhibition
Jon Fiddy getting loose in the demo
Good smoke
Bad smoke.
Wayne throwing his is300 around
Lucas during the demo
Wish I got a bit more angle with this shot
Fiddy's car is such a monster
Anthony sliding through one handed
Tire for high res offer still stands Sailun 😉
I might go back and give this photo a re-edit sometime down the road

Here’s a video of Shasha setting the new time attack record.

Show and shine CSCS coverage will be up by Wednesday.


  1. i loled at that 2000, M&S is a (old)ladies clothing store in the uk
    i dont no why but that bimmer needs a set of police lights on the roof IT JUST DOES

  2. I think Spensers civic would look better if he painted his hid shroud black or color matched them to the car… I like how he installed the hood scoop!

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