WTF Friday: Tales from the installation bay


The tales from the installation bay thread on Blazin Low was one of my favorite threads in its hay day (when all the images worked).

As a former technician at a sports store I remember some of the kludged together bikes people would bring in for service so I can somewhat relate to what these installers came across.

The thread was also a great example of what not to do when installing the stereo into my ill fated Blazer.

The other day this thread popped into my head so I took a look back at it to see what was still live, not too much was left but what is still up is classic.

A sub box in your back seat is just asking for theft
Solid ground for earth shattering bass
Amp under floor matts are a questionable idea.
Apparently this worked
Nothing worse than getting a car and finding a rats nest... legit rat or otherwise

The following pictures are all from the same amazing car, incredible.

Power wire too short? Steal from a lamp in your house
Not sure if serious... 😐
Easily accessible gains
Good lord.

All the installers out there reading this I feel bad for you but if you have some crazier stuff to share feel free to send it in.

Group therapy is the best therapy.

Site Updates

This weekend I should be at the CSCS finale:

I say should because it’s my friends wedding the day before so we’ll see how I feel come morning. The grey and teal shirt order is done, I should have them latest Monday.

Flashback Friday

Where the heck was Honda Tech this year?  Here’s a throwback to 09, one of the biggest events I had been to at the time.

Team Recession circa 09

Sorry this was so late, the day jobs been a bit crazy of late.


  1. Damn, that’s some crazy-looking stuff. Makes my amateur sub-and-amplifier install look almost professional!

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