Event Coverage: Roadmates Corn Roast ’11


Roadmates is a Toronto/Mississauga club that’s has been all about kick ass hot rods and customs since 1956. My friend Keith has had nothing but good things to say about these guys for awhile so when he gave me the heads up on their annual corn roast I decided to roll through.

Next year I’ll have to show up a little earlier so I can catch a few more of the cars but I managed to see quite a few awesome rods and customs and eat a killer hot dog and great corn in the process.

No doubt a lot of the local classics I love came from that work space
A familar badass Nova
Smooth lookin Ford Coupe
High truck is high
Incredible truck is incredible
Anyone looking for a toy?
*insert wiz khalifa black and yellow*
49 Ford Bonus
Another dialed Ford
Simply outstanding
The owner of this car actually lives on the same street I do
He also used to own this
Couple smooth customs
I could see the wheels on this making it to other platforms
Classically styled Bel Air Convertible
I've always particularily liked this Chev
This truck was pretty unique I am pretty sure I have seen it at a few other events
Never seen a bed cover like this before
Parked beside my friend Keith was the white Framed Ford from a few weeks ago, still putting me to shame being clean
Also near Keith's car was this awesome motorcycle
With this kick ass shifter
This was actually the first time I had seen Keith's car complete, he did a hell of a job
Olds rocket...
With no roof or hood to speak of he was a little worried about the weather
I could take pictures of this car all day, maybe one day I will...

Hopefully I can hit up a few more Roadmates events in the future and get some more detailed pictures and info of the cars the build but if you are supper eager for more info on the Roadmates check out this article.


  1. Ijust found your web site Iam originally from oshawa ont Ihave been trying to track down some info and old photos of Ed Benetins 1931 FORD ROADSTER it was featured in the 60s also his brother john had a 1955 pontiac custom speedorama does your groupe rember the 31 it had a 1955 chev dash moulded in please adv if u have any ideas i might source out thanks Don Campbell

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