Event Coverage: Mega Speed Part 2


I originally wasn’t sure I’d be able to give the trucks of Mega Speed a post of their own but once I got through all of the photos it only made sense to dedicate the second part of the coverage to trucks.

I’m not sure how the truck class compared to last year because they were not very centralized this year and by the time I left I was still finding new ones.

Which wouldn’t have been a bad thing had my camera battery not died.


Does anyone else find it a little weird that a lowered car or truck would get hassled by the police over a lifted one even though it’s impossible to be inconspicuous in a lifted truck?

Ironically the owner of this trucks son drives a slammed car
This Blazer is massive.
I'm pretty sure a Miata would come up to the rockers of this truck


This truck didn't change much visually from last year but it is still one of my favorites
Just wish I had a better angle to shoot it at
If this is original paint it is in exceptional shape
Does anyone know if this truck used to be black a few years back? If so it has come a long way
Loved the slight changes to this s10 since last year, the new wheels work well
I'm also pretty sure that air cleaner cover is new
and you can never go wrong with pinstriping
Geoff's truck looking clean like always
It's a small detail but I have always been a fan of two tone paint continuing into the door jambs


The Taylor'd 57 took home the "Now that's kool" trophy
My camera was dead when I saw this truck but thankfully I've got my phone
I like this one for a lot of the same reasons I like the Taylor'd truck
Sick from every angle
This truck is the complete opposite of the two above but equally beautiful
A100s are so unique
More builds similar to this tomorrow

Toe Truk

Theme builds are always somewhat risky but this ’48 FI was really well done. I’m not sure if it took home any awards but it certainly deserved a few.

Really love the base color on this rig
Connecting Rod cup holders (and bed rail supports)
Bags take care of the tow bar, pretty slick
Coolest looking compressor ever?
LS7 powered
Respect to the owner, great looking ride

Norwell Equipped

Another person I didn’t get a chance to catch up with at Mega Speed was Jeff Norwell of Drawn and Quartered, like John from Not Stock Photography I have been a fan of his work for awhile now and really wanted to let him know.

Sadly when I stopped by the Performance Improvements booth it was empty, next year…

An amazing build
Rob of Performance Improvements let me know Jeff drove his truck off the floor back home, no trailer queen

As I mentioned on the fan page I really appreciate the support the truck community gives the site so every show I go to I will do my best to take a least a few truck shots.

More muscle and customs tomorrow then imports/tuners get the last day…


  1. The Suburban also had a right hand drive conversion. Not sure why you’d want to do that to a ‘Burb, but someone did.

  2. Funny, my co-worker (a graphic designer) knows Jeff Norwell from college! He was just showing me photos of that truck and his artwork last week, and I said “I think I know that truck!” He’s jazzed to see it get coverage on your blog.

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