Event Coverage: Mega Speed Part 3


Keeping the Mega Speed Coverage moving here is the second set of classics, hot rods, and customs, along with a few assorted other things to help break things up a bit.

The amount of time put into today’s builds is truly remarkable.

Here’s to hoping that one day I will have my ducks all in a row to build something properly from the ground up, until then I will just try not to drool on them at shows.

Random Stuff

Looking right down the middle of the second hall, you can see the third hall behind it, then there was one behind that
Unique way to prop your car up.
Creative display is creative
and for no reason at all... here is a gator

LSX Stang

Do you think Ford owners are as up in arms about LSX swaps as import owners? Talk about putting an LSX in an s-chassis or rotary powered car and half the people are down while the other half lose their minds and come after you with fire…

LSX powered Mustang
Looks at home honestly

Mega Speed Features

Along with “The Runt” I posted in part one of the coverage Mega Speed had a number of other featured cars, two of which are below and more that can be found on their features page.

The Pro Box, from Rad Rides By Troy
The car in the foreground started as the car in the background
Personally I think the exterior flow is a odd now (more so at a distance) but I can't argue with this engine bay!


Though this truck was listed as a first time entrant I am sure I've seen it some place before...
The somewhat famous and always memorable Bugsplat
When I saw the Booch last year I thought they were going to leave it raw, guess not
The Montbomb looking incredible fully detailed
See that cut out in the hood? It's needed to get the hood to clear as the motor without sticking up through it
Love the matching plate

Traditional Rods and ‘Rat’ Rods

Got dish?
I think the front wheel could fit inside the rear
The side profile of this Ford was amazing but there was a guard rail obscuring that shot so take my word for it
This builders trademark square headers and interesting choice of wheels is easily recognizable, the other car beside it (which I have posted last year) was more of the same
Personally I prefer this style 'rat'
Note the grill ornament
Just like a builder from Toronto to not rep the Leafs! (don't blame him)
Who knew Mike Holmes had a car collection?
Naturally Meguiar's Canada had a clean Ford in their booth
This was one of my favorite displays at Mega Speed
Mostly because I was introduced to early Fords through a model car magazine
The Piston Pushers had a lot of cool builds
Picture perfect
Countless hours must have been poured into this
I would love to see (or shoot) this car and Jeff Norwell's truck side by side

Fourth and final Mega Speed Coverage will be up tomorrow, until then here is a female.


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